PCB Question

I have an xbox 360 Madcatz TE Stick, which for a while has been giving me that, ‘reconnect controller’ issue due to something being wrong with the PCB. I have already contacted madcatz, who said they would send me a replacement PCB for my stick, but it’s been forever since then and I have received nothing.

So my question is, what is a good, preferably solderless, replacement for my PCB?

The PS360 pcb from AkiShop is probably what you’re looking for then.

I’m getting a custom stick built by butteroj and he suggested using the akishop. I went with it since it’s solder less and all that good stuff.

I checked it out, and it sounds like what I’d need, only thing that bums me out about it is the lack of headset support outside of wireless or bluetooth, since I don’t own one. D:

If you really must have headset support, I’d suggest getting a pcb from a SE fightstick or pad hack a FightPad. But that’ll take a lot of work though and some soldering.