PCB question.

I saw on slagcoin that you can press on parts of the PCB to verify whether it works, and what it is. How would this work in a stock arcade stick? I’m trying to see if my hori fs3’s PCB is dead, after soldering to it. (concerned I may have scorched it). Where can I tap to make it respond? On the wooden PCB top where the button fits? On the back of the pcb?

Thanks, really racking my brain here.

Here’s a picture of the part I’m concerned about. The connect in the bottom right looks scorched.

All you have to do (I think) is take a wire from one of the ground points on the pcb to the one you want to test and the button press should happen on screen.

The best way to test it is like Nutchos said

Just do your normal soldering with a signal and ground going to your button, and check to see if it works on your system.

Thanks for the replies guys, few Qs:

The buttons in this particular stick were not originally wired to the PCB, but the button itself was soldered directly to the circuit board. Can I still test it, or for resoldering will I have to wire it up.

If that is the case, how would I go about wiring the ground and signal wires? Would I just wire them both directly to the two holes provided on the pcb for each button?

Thanks, and sorry. New to this.