PCB question

I have just bought a Custom stick from ebay and the wiring is shocking! I have removed it, thinking it would be easy to refit but it is not, I know I am an idiot, but it didnt work anyway, so thought I would take a chance. I have looked on slagcoin, but cannot find the PCB my stick is using? In the bottom left it has R1 and R2, on the right it has the normal buttons, but in addition to the square, triangle, x and circle there is another wire and I cannot work out where it should go?

All I have to do now is add the linked ground wire and it should be all systems go, but without knowing what the other wire is for I am loathed to hook it all up.

I will try and get a picture to show what I mean, but just thought if I post on here someone may have had the same problem and will be able to help. The pcb has hosiden written in the top left hand side, if that helps?

Any help, as always, much appreciated.