PCB Questions...

OK between waiting for a stick from B15SDM and My TE to come back from JDM715

Se sticks dropped to 30 bucks, so i decided to try to tipple mod it.

I’m this far…

Where im getting confused is the Xbox SE PCB’s, Can i just use the Home/turbo Start/ Slect PCB, what grounds should i be using from the Home/Trubo to my pcb.

And the start select is very simple looking but again whats what as far as whats ground and not.

There seems to be no diagrams of whats what.

Tell me what to use and if any of my wiring looks wrong in the top pic let me know.

Confused about these, what do i need and where does it go too?..

Please no generic redirects to some 10 page guide im 4-8 wires away from being done. Just let me know whats what.

Yes, you can use the Turbo Panel and Back/Start PCB.
But that is if you are actually mounting those somewhere.
And having those PCB be used like they are in the Mad Catz SE Case.

If you just want to wire up Back and Start and Guide, then solder to the Main Xbox 360 PCB.
BA for Back and ST for Start and BE16 for Guide.

Ok, and the paewang is all common ground (I read somewhere) so as far as power, just wiring one ground to any old ground on the paewang will work?


Thanks for the knowledge.

Your awesome, lol ill make you proud…=D