PCB Soldering


Ive started to build my first custom stick.I found some good informations for example on Slagcoins site but i have still a question.Slagcoin says to neutrilize the triggers and analog sticks with 1.5kohm resistors.What if i dont neutrilize them?

you will get random movements in the analog stick and phantom triggers


10k ohm resistors were recommended on xbox-scene for the official 360 controllers. That’s what I used on mine and it worked perfectly.

Rather than start a new thread on a similar topic:

My LT/RT triggers on a Madcatz Late arcade stick work fine when I connect the middle pin on the rheostat to a ground on the pad. Can I not just solder a button to this middle pin and a ground, and leave it at that?

Are the triggers analog or digital (on/off)? The resistors are required on the official 360 PCBs because the triggers are analog. The resistance keeps the voltage from floating (at least as I’ve read it). To wire up a button, you go from the high side to the wiper (and keep the wiper to ground resistor in place).

I made my first stick a 6-button one so I only used the bumpers and just put in a resistor to disable the triggers. If/when I do another one, I’ll probably do it as an 8 button and wire up the triggers as I described above.

Or y’all could post in the padhacking thread.

Ok i kno this is proly a dumb question but here goes. Im soldering my madcatz retro arcade gamestick and all the buttons except the start button work. i mean the other buttons are perfect, so the question is did i just mess up when i was soldering the start button and if so is there any way to fix it so it will work