PCB Switch Xbox 360/Ps3

This has been my most recent project: Customizing an arcade to work with both 360 and PS3. This is what I have so far:


Everything seems to work fine for ps3, but on the 360 the left trigger and right trigger work for a little bit but stop working randomly until I unplug and replug the arcade stick back in. My guess is I need a better 360 PCB . Does anyone know where I can buy a raw 360 PCB or know a particular 360 controller that works best with this type of modding? Not sure if this qualifies as “legal” or not. If it isn’t I suppose don’t pay any attention to me haha

I’m guessing from the picture that you’re using an inverter chip for the triggers, is that correct?
If so, I’m also guessing that the inverter is powered from the same +5v source as the USB cable?
Are the trigger potentiometers still on the pad?

If those assumptions are correct, take your multimeter to the three pads that went to one of the trigger pots and check the voltage on the two outside pads. One will be very low, almost 0, the other will higher, around 3 volts. Disconnect the +5v line from the VCC pin of the inverter (pin 14) and connect the VCC pin of the inverter to the higher (3 volt-ish) trigger pot pad.

NOW THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! You must, absolutely MUST, test it out for a long time, and then you MUST come back and report how it went. If the problem is fixed, I REALLY need to know. If the problem isn’t fixed, then I/we can work to figure it out.

That’s what I did originally. I think it’s a problem with the PCB board itself. There’s a condenser chip that couldn’t be connected because the pin from the middle was missing so I tried to work around it by wiring the controller up to a 6 pin chip. I’ll get another PCB board and rewire it up and I’ll let you know how that goes.