PCB Talk - Original PS1 vs Multi-Console


[Explaining my problem] - I am considering changing back to joypad hack since the PS360+ is not a great deal for me (at least for now). Weird FPS lacking on SSFIV (let’s not focus in this part, please), is not 100% PS2 fighting games compatible and it doesn’t work on the Tototek’s PSX to Neogeo converter which is the major priority for me cause i love the AES system.

[Going to the subject] - Is the PSX joypad pcb good/trustable? I mean, with a good response with no dropped inputs, accept a lot of commands in one second? I actually have been using a third party hacked pcb and i noticed a improvement regarding some Neogeo inputs with PS360+, example: input that requires 2 or 3 buttons pressed at same time became consistent and acurate, the same goes for other inputs, it got way better with the PS360+. So i realized a third party psx pcb can’t offer anything good, you just can’t trust the thing.

I own the following converters: InPin PS2 to PS3, Xtokki 360 and PSX to Neogeo, they are all really really great with awesome response, and this setup can make my controller a bit better than a multi-console pcb considering the compatibility with PS2 games, which the P360+ can’t offer yet.

Don’t get me wrong, i want to keep 360+, i can wait until they fix those issues, but i don’t know when it gonna happen so i just want to spend the time playing my favourite fighting games while waiting. (some ps2 fighting and the ng aes with professional arcade parts).

I’m just afraid to feel a performance decline with the PSX pcb even dealing with a official one. I have 1 from first version, the one is not Dual Shock. I believe it won’t be a problem but i would like to talk about it before hack the pad.


I think the PS360+ PS2 mode will work with a number of converters.
But I don’t have a list for you of what is compatible.

Then again, I know next to nothing about Tototek’s PSX to Neogeo converter.


Hi, Dark. Yeah, it doesn’t work with neogeo converter and the PS2 mode lags a lot with Xtokki 360, which doesn’t happen with any PS1/PS2 pad at all. It works good with InPin on PC.

For now I just want to know about how trusted a PS1 joypad pcb can be.


From the multiple PS1 PCB installs I’ve done, none of them have declined in effectiveness at all. They’re all quite capable and durable. There’s lead in that solder so I don’t expect them to go bad anytime soon


If you’re going to be using a PS1 controller PCB for a padhack, the best one to open up and use would probably be the original PS1 DualShock 1 controller. I have yet to encounter a single converter that was designed for PS1/2 to anything that did not work with the PS1 DualShock 1 PCB. This includes the ToToTEK converters of which I have owned a number myself (PS2 to GameCube, Saturn, and also to the Neo Geo).

It’s not to say that you shouldn’t use a PS1 Digital pad, but the reason you’d rather use this over the original PS1 Digital pad (the one without the analog sticks) is that there exists some converters that do not support the digital pad very well. Even the inPin has some problems with certain models of the PS1 Digital pad, and another example I can think of is the MayFlash PS2 to Wii Remote converter. To be on the safe side, if you’re going to use a PS1 controller PCB for a padhack, you want one with analog sticks.

That said, since you do have one laying around, may as well test it on your converters first before you take it apart and make sure everything’s kosher.


If you’re going to hack a PS1 pad, just remember the hot glue gun. It’s definitely needed, I’ve ruined two controllers without it.

Or if you wanna save yourself some pain, just get one of those $20 PCBs off of ebay.


You don’t NEED a PSX-to-NeoGeo converter anyway, it’s a slightly non-standard DB-15:


Thanks, Kikimaru… is that i don’t want a exclusive Neogeo stick for now, not just for it.