PCBs found! Please close

I’ve finally got my hands on a pair! Thanks a lot Trading Outlet! :tup:

Yep. As the title states, I’m looking for “broken” Xbox 360 PCBs. By broken, I really mean any PCB that is still registered by the Xbox 360 console when plugged in. I don’t care if some of the buttons don’t work, if the trigger functions are shot, if the mic port was torn off, whatever. As long as the Guide button LEDs still light up and assign themselves to a player slot, that’s all I care for.

Since I want to throw these into a project box so that I won’t have to lug around 2 full size controllers to act as bypass controllers for my Xconverter 360s, I want as small a PCB as possible. I’m specifically looking for PCBs gutted from say a wired Guitar Hero guitar (for instance, the PCB from an Xplorer guitar). However, I’ll definitely look at any failed pad hacking attempts so long as they’re not official Microsoft X360 controller PCBs or from a Mad Catz Xbox LIVE Arcade Retro Stick since those are too large to conveniently fit in a small profile project box.

To emphasize, I’m looking for WIRED PCBs, not wireless since that’d do me no good as a bypass controller for my converters. Since I don’t really know anyone on the Trading Outlet who asked for something like this before, I’ll have a starting offer of $10.00 per PCB, but if you feel I should pay you more, PM me and lemme know your price and why I should pay it.

Alternatively, I’m willing to buy 2 Mad Catz Rock Band Portable Drum Kits. Well, not the whole kit, but I’m willing to buy the part that connects to the Xbox 360. You know, the one that (as Toodles put it) looks like an NES controller. For that, I’m willing to pay $15.00 per controller, but like I said, shoot me a different offer if you feel it’s too low a price.

Alright, I’ve rambled on long enough. Hope to see some PMs soon! :tup:

Giving this a bump. Nobody’s got any PCBs they have lying around doing nothing from a failed pad hacking attempt or something?

FYI, most gamestops sell the wired X-Plorer guitar for $10.
Anyway, someone here has broken pcb’s laying around, doing nothing, someone sell it to him for a few bucks.

How small are your project boxes? Just curious since I also do this with bad pad hacks. The guitar does sound like a good option, especially if it has a little PCB.

Kyle, the project box I’m planning to put them in is actually pretty small, 4" x 5" x 2" in measurements. It’s not your standard RadioShack box though; I found mine laying around the house. But as for PCBs, the Xplorer guitars seem to have a pretty small PCB. I think Gigazord put one of the PCBs into a project box made out of a Blockbuster VHS case and it looked rather small. :wonder:

kitsunisan, thanks for that heads up. I’ll check out my local GameStop sometime if I can’t get any through here first. :tup:

Just a thought: See if you can find or pickup cheap the madcatz portable RockBand drum kit.
The drum pads and pedal plug into the main pcb; obviously you dont need anything BUT the main pcb. It’s about the size of an NES pad, pretty cute, and you wouldnt even have to yank the pcb into a project box since its puny as it is.
Just an idea. good luck.

Thanks for that heads up Toodles! I’ll keep a look out for those Mad Catz Portable Rock Band Drum Kit as well. That thing really does look nifty!

They had a shitload of these at circuit city when circuit city was going out of business! They couldn’t give them away. Too bad I didn’t know their potential back then.

Giving this thread a little bump. Yeah, Truckasaurus, I DEFINITELY wish I went to Circuit City right before they went out of business. There’s so much stuff that people bought that I wish I could’ve gotten my hands on. :sad:

would you take a pcb from a SE fight stick, it still lights up, but joystick doesn’t work. i don’t know if it would be easy to take out though. do you have any sanwa buttons for trade?

chuu, expect a PM from me shortly. :tup:

I have a couple mad catz pcbs that fit your description. I’ll ship you both for $20. The usb cords are not attached, but I can probably replace them if you need them.

DeepThoughts, expect a PM. :tup:

Basically, you’re using these PCBs as bypass controllers , right? Just curious as to the purpose of this project box - I am interested in learning more about fabricating controllers/converters from just PCBs (I have just recently dualmodded my 360 TE with a Cthulu and imp and am curious to learn more).

shiryu22, I’m not quite sure what you’re asking, but if you want to ask me a few questions, I’ll certainly be willing to answer them. Just shoot me a PM with anything you want to know.