PCI problems

I bought this wireless adapter pci card from linksys (wmp54g) for our pc bought back in 2000. The pci card has 2 notches but the pci slots only has one. Are these compatible? Does anyone even make 5v wireless pci cards?

your pci slot is a 32 bit slot, the card you have is 64 bit. So I don’t believe that it’ll work.

Some PCI cards are missing certain pins so it looks like there might be an incompatibility, but there isn’t(unless it’s too long).

example: http://www.adm21.fr/media/CP-102UL_Front_low.jpeg and http://www.farsite.co.uk/commonimages/FarSync_dsl-s1-v2_450x304.jpg

Just stick it in the slot and power it up. If it works then you’re fine.

the long one is the PCI X, that is backward compatable with use of regular PCI cards, so long as they’re 64 bit (aka 2 notches).