PCSX2 Netplay! Whats the word thus far on compatible fighting games?


I’ve been trying to add more online fighting games to my site and found out about Melty Blood Actress Again recently being available to play online!. When I did more digging, I found out that its available through the PCSX2 emulator latest build. Ever since I heard that was possible, I of course wanted to know what else could be played because there a good amount of fighters that many people have been asking about. I tried to dig on the one I was the most curious about Hokuto No Ken but nothing came up. So can anyone tell me what is the verdict thus far. I’d be willing to test these things out with people. I’m in the Atlanta area if anyone would be interested in doing so later on tonight(Got some work I have to do so the digging stops now).


I think this thread would’ve been better here, but whatever.

Yeah I heard that MBAA works fairly decent. I also want to check if Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Accel 2 works online as well since I just got it to work on my laptop.


As far as I know PCSX2 netplay is trash.


I’ve heard its been fairly decent on the Melty Bread site there have been a few complaints about the delay for high execution inputs but other than that nothing super negative which is good to say the least. I say you do the best with what you have until you can do different.


It appears that what you are talking about is a netplay hack made by a third party, not the PCSX2 developers. However, do you have a PC capable of emulating the game (you should but this is SRK, you never know :3)?

As far as Hokuto no Ken is concerned, Demul emulates Atomiswave (the HnK arcade board) and has functional netplay. The nature of the emulation means it is many times easier to run than the PS2 version. There’s a couple of threads on SRK.


I was hoping PSX to be updated before this but its still nice to hear of this development.


Its not a netplay hack its actually a part of the PCSX2 emulator. Its the latest build from what I understand and I’ve at least been able to run Melty Blood AA and KOFXI so far with no issues. I have a good MAC laptop. You definitely have to have a good video card and processor. There was a program called Hamachi(not a hack) that you can use to create an ip w/ user and pass. I didn’t know about Demul being able to play Hokuto no Ken. Biggest problem with looking this stuff up is finding the most updated or best working builds.


The latest stable build of PCSX2 is months old. The only semi-official netplay I am aware of are emulated PS2 online services, which even if they were not a total mess would not work for MBAA. I’m reading the meltybread thread and: http://www.meltybread.com/forums/melty-blood-auditorium/how-to-run-melty-blood-actress-again-on-your-pc/msg94253/#msg94253 <— this seems to confirm what I was saying. A verdict on the quality can also be gleaned from the thread. It seems to be functional, like you said. However saying it’s the latest build would lead people to believe they can just get it off the PCS‌‌‌‌X2 website, which is not the case.

Hamachi is a virtual LAN service of sorts that adds delay to p2p netplay, used as a last recourse when port forwarding, NAT punching etc. fail. Do not use it if you can do without.

You can already play PSX games with Kaillera (or p2p Kaillera) netplay, they tend to desync but it works.


Ok that was my bad I made the assumption. I had no idea of all the tweaks people do outside of the true build its self.


oh wow, i played CVS2 with some friends on this… at low latencies the netcode is really good (no surprise though, 5-10ms pings)

i tried MVC2, but it wouldn’t connect (screen is black). did anyone manage to play it?


So does anybody here want to try out Narutimate Accel 2 online with me?


i found the project on github: https://github.com/alexsharoff/pcsx2-online/commits/master

according to the commits: there are a lot of improvements compared to the 10.09.2011 build we have (interface, connectivity, replay recording support), also the build had a feature freeze and was stabilized… so i’m looking forward to the new release :smiley:

too bad the PCSX2 emulation is bugged for Street Fighter Alpha Anthology (framerate is locked @ 40fps). would’ve loved to play some Hyper SFA: turf war between Alpha2 and Alpha3 fanboys :smiley:


here’s an update from the author with a new version: http://www.meltybread.com/forums/melty-blood-auditorium/how-to-run-melty-blood-actress-again-on-your-pc/msg95559/#msg95559

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i will, as soon as i get everything setup


Cool, where do you live though? I prefer if my online opponents live in America.


i was wondering where this thread went

yeah i live in florida, im gonna try and get everything set up today


Totally noob here too, wanna play capcom fighting jam on here. Need help, thanx ya!


I need somebody to test netplay for some games with me.

These games include:

DBZ Budokai 3, Bleach Blade Battlers 2nd, and Narutimate Accel 2

all of these games seem to run at about 30-40 FPS for me, but MBAA works perfect, so im thinking those games are slower because they’re 3D


^ So please tell me how to set it up then. I need to know which version pcsx2 to get, what game to get, etc.


sorry for the late reply

go to that link, download as zip, or tar.gz, everything should be pretty straight forward, just let me know when you get one of the games, then we’ll go from there

games that are officially working are:

[]Melty Blood Actress Again
]Tekken 5
[]Capcom vs SNK 2
]Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
[]Hokuto no Ken
]King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match
[*]Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3
if you could get a game that is already confirmed to work that would also be helpful, cause i’ve haven’t succesfully played netplay yet