PDP fightpad


so iam making a fightstick for my friend and he just needs something that works so i was going to use the PDP fightpad pcb. i need to know when im soldering do i need to desolder the wire point and resolder with the wire on it here is a pic of what it looks like.


those solder points serve to anchor the microswitches on the other side. you don’t need to desolder them for the padhack; they’ll rarely get engaged since the button switch is so small. in fact those points make it easier to connect wires.


ok and can i do this with a single ground point?


yeah, its common ground so you just hook up one wire and daisy chain it around to ground all of the buttons. just an fyi tho this board won’t work with dual-mods. people usually assimilate common ground boards to dual mods, this one is an exception.


I don’t recommend anything from PDP for pad hacking.


well he just need something to use until he can get a ps360 and i just have this laying around.


PDP pads are some of the worst pads to pad hack with.
Although they are technically common ground they are logic high so they are near impossible to dual-mod with