PDP Injustice: Gods Among Us Stick

Greetings All,<br>I have just learned of this stick and that it will be made by PDP. It will have a lock feature, and also illumination of buttons and more, as well as a brightness setting for the illumination. It LOOKS intriguing, though I am not sure about parts/innards. Also wondering if Xbox will force them to put in their color scheme with the buttons.<br><br>GameZone has a short article on it:<br>http://www.gamezone.com/products/injustice-gods-among-us/news/injustice-gods-among-us-fight-stick-is-made-by-pdp<br><br><br>I own the MK9 stick and I am quite pleased with it. Darksakul’s awesome stick thread states that the MK9 stick is made with Custom HAPP parts. Would these parts be considered high quality, comparable to Sanwa, etc.?<br><br>

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This.<div><br></div><div>Please use the above thread for any discussion regarding that stick.</div>