PDP Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Fight Pad PCB Diagram (Not suitable for Dual Mod)

PDP Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Fight Pad PCB Diagram
Thought I’d share. Yep it is common ground.

Edit: Does not work well for a dual mod situation.

I was able to dual mod this for my mini stick cases with a MC Cthulhu.

so this pcb is confirmed for common ground?


Yep it is common ground. Fixed a little error on the “A” button. Strangely the A button is on the far right or close to the center of the pad. Just tested my dual mod and yep the Xbox side is working, but have to go and redo the a button.

Nice guide Rtdign, I might have to consider the PDP Marvel pad for hacking, I love how the headphone jack is on its own daughter board.

Any advantages to using this over the other existing pads on the market?

So the pad-stick mechanism uses the same microswitches as the buttons?

Interesting; it should be an improvement on the SNK pad then (look at the plastic dust build-up)

I’ve opened up one already. Its got plenty of room for a dual strike smd to fit. So this pad is easily dual modable.

Are you trying to accomplish multi-systems is that why your using this over the ps360. Pioneering is cool but I tear up a little seeing you tearing up a pretty little versus controller at $40. please tell me you’re doing multi-console set-up

There’s starving children in Canada that can’t get controllers like this at least thats what I’ve herd…just one dollar a day you can help put a controller in starving Canadians hand.

Looks pretty clearly like he’s doing multiconsole.

Also, it looks like this is quite a bit smaller than most of the xbox boards we have available right now, excluding TE/SE boards.

yea I figured

Size is definitely a nice advantage, since it looks to be roughly the size of the MC Cthulhu.

Judging from your signature, you can appreciate dual modded.

Thanks for this, rtdzign! :tup:

Also, how is the feel on the actual pad? I might just pick one up, but it seems pretty interesting. Might be worth dual modding it.

Yeah. I was wanting to get a small Xbox 360 PCB but all the SE’s are sold out, and this was a bit smaller and cheaper at $40. None of the other 360 pcbs would fit with a MC Cthulhu in my Mini Stick cases.

The fight pad PCBs are too big and the 4716 are big too and a pain. Hacking triggers involves making another daughter board for trigger inversion.

If you desolder the microswitches, you have nice through holes to solder to with the exception of guide. If you are willing to follow and scrape the traces for the signals you can cut the board even smaller.

As a pad it is alright. The buttons are tactile yet soft like sanwas. The D-pad was something that I think I could have got used to. Still, nothing beats my Franken Fightpads. I might attempt to hack the clicky dpad to a FrankenFightpad.

This is very true, maybe some of the recipients of the Joy foundation can be canadian :slight_smile:

Looks like a nice controller to work with for sure :slight_smile:

I want to see that, I bet it would be awesome.

I want to see that, I bet it would be awesome.

i’m a starving canadian child, feed me a versus fightpad :3

You should DEFINITELY save that click-pad :tup:


Welcome news. Alerting my friend.


@rtdzign : I think I jinked myself. Ran into an issue when set to ps3. All the button signal’s voltage levels aren’t being held high. When in 360 mode the signals are at 3.38v. I don’t suppose you’ve run into that problem?

You too? Yeah I just tested my PCB setup today on a PS3 and PC and a few weird things I noticed.

With the MC Cthulhu plugged into the PC, it shows all the buttons show as being pressed. Also I just noticed that my MC Cthulhu shows up as a Virtua Stick High Grade, but I figured Toodles did that to prevent a firmware lockout.

360 mode looks fine though. I’m going to test with a DPDT, because occasionally have been running into problems with that imp board.