PDP MK9 Tournament Edition & MK Klassic Happ sticks!

Latest update 8/30/11 - Pics & more info on the MK Klassic stick!

Bigger pics & info from here:

Designer Makes An American Fighting Stick For An American Fighting Game

Size comparison:

I know this is a SF tech forum more or less but am I the only one that’s excited about this?!? I have no experience with Performance Designed Products (PDP formerly Pelican) besides their Energizer flat-panel induction charging system for the Wii (it’s a good quality product). FWIW, I’ve read good reviews on their Epic Mickey Paintbrush Nunchuk for the Wii also, LOL! Specs:

  • Launch date: 4/19/2011
  • Happ Comp black stick
  • Happ Classic black concave buttons + 2 smaller buttons for L2/R1 & LT/RB
  • Material - Wood on top w/a transparent housing inside
  • Latch for easy opening of inside for storage
  • Memory-foam wrapped in velvet on bottom to be comfy when playing on your lap
  • 6-ft detachable USB cable
  • Supposedly, limited production run of only 20,000 TE packages in North America
  • Stick + game + Ermac Klassic skin + Scorpion/Sub-zero/MK avatar theme = $150

Looks like only thing to replace (if you want that old-school nostalgic back-in-the-day at 7-11 feeling) is the Happ Comp stick to an iL Eurojoystick. For those that don’t know, Happ use to use iL Euro for their own sticks but switched to an inferior product nowadays. MK9’s game engine is based off of the one used in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe (Unreal engine). IMO, it looked & played pretty good although could’ve used more animation. I know $150 is a lot BUT if you really think about it:

  1. It’s actually game ($60) + joystick ($90) + DLC ($$$ ?!?) = $150
  2. Many quality wooden Happ/iL custom sticks are $150+ (ex: Arcade-In-A-Box, etc.)

Joystick only (available seperately on 360 & not on the ps3 for $130):

(360): https://www.pdp.com/mkstick/index.html


(360): http://www.gamestop.com/xbox-360/accessories/xbox-360-mortal-kombat-tournament-stick/91093

Retailers offering pre-order bonuses of Klassic playable character skin & their original fatality (for the original bundle, not the 2nd version below):

GameStop: Scorpion

Amazon: Reptile

BestBuy: Sub-Zero

Walmart: Mileena

Toys R Us: Kitana

2nd version with the originally MK1 arcade cabinet graphics/theme & pre-paid DLC MK Arcade Kompilation BUT no inner storage compartment, latch & transparent inner housing. Limited production of only 6000 (MSRP: $130; Release - 8/29/11):


Directly from PDP:

(ps3): http://www.pdp.com/p-1013-mortal-kombat-klassic-fight-stick-for-ps3.aspx

(360): http://www.pdp.com/p-1014-mortal-kombat-klassic-fight-stick-for-xbox-360.aspx


(ps3): http://www.gamestop.com/ps3/accessories/playstation-3-mortal-kombat-klassic-fight-stick/90876

(360): http://www.gamestop.com/xbox-360/accessories/xbox-360-mortal-kombat-klassic-fight-stick/90872

Just took pics of it earlier:

I didn’t know it was numbered & how limited it was until I received it (#22 out of 6000):

They’re both the same size, the Klassic looks bigger in this pic due to the angle I took the pic:

I’ll continue to update this thread when I get more info.

It uses QDs so you could just swap it out for cherry switches easily. I want to see how a P360 would fit though.

PDP boards are usually not common ground, so you can expect them not to be an easy dual mod.


I can’t believe they made it a hinge design… and yet you still have to remove 18 screws to change parts! :looney:

AIAB has been doing MK sticks for 4-5 years now. And they blow these things away by a country mile.

AIAB = Arcade-In-A-Box, LLC

These new MK sticks are sexy, and i am getting 2 (1 for use, 1 to keep sealed) but i am putting IL’s in that thing so fast…lol

haha I thought I was the only one to notice that. I honestly never got used to the size of the cases for happ sticks. this one looks to be a lot bigger just to house the game/cable inside the case.

LOL, ya I was thinking the same! It’s like why even bother w/the latch if people still have to unscrew that many screws, haha!

I’ve got nothing against AIAB (almost bought one of their SF sticks) but what makes them “blow these things away by a country mile” besides being able to customize the art & choosing colors?


I have a friend that already have MK9 with the stick on reserve on Game Stop, I already seeing him asking me to to do repairs or mods on it. Till that time I need to brush up on all the Happs and IL threads, I been a Japanese parts fan my self.

I prefer playing, especially MK on cab, and these sticks just feel like little control panels and i love that. So imo, they rule. :coffee:

at least they’re not torx screws…

edit: are these sticks wireless though?

It has a detachable cable, dunno if it’s wireless though.

They are not wireless.

American stick for an American game. :wink:

Markman if you do not mind me asking, working for a competing/rival company to the one who produce this controller, what is your thoughts?

Sorry to butt in, but with all do respect to PDP, but shame on NRS for Mad Catz not making sticks for MK9!

Don’t blame NetheRRealm, it wasn’t their fault.

Maybe next time.

I won’t comment on the stick.

Actions speak louder than words.

<3 the MK community.

yea, bleh tho lol

MK community <3’s MM.

LOL, gotcha!..Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t the AIAB cases made of wood & use Happ parts just like this stick (albeit w/the option of either concave or convex buttons)?

Ya, I posted that same exact link in the 1st post of this thread at the very bottom. IMO, this game should be played w/a bat-top & concave buttons just like how it originally was back in the day when it 1st came out at the arcades. How about replacement panels for TE’s that have a MK-style setup? I’ve got a spare TE rd 2 laying around so this would be great!

Is it made out of REAL MDF? ^_^.
And what´s up with the 18 screws-box, just to keep noise down or some other feature?
I wonder how tall it is, looks like you can fit your lunchbox in there…