PDP Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition..?


Does anybody know the guy who made the Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition Stick for PDP ?


Hi there!

What can I help you with?


Sup you the one that made the MK tournament stick for pdp ?


Well to be fair, it wasn’t exactly a one man job :wink:


Could yall sell me afew panels with a straight 8 button layout for my MK Tournament Edition Fight Sticks? :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, it’s not really something that was ever manufactured, and production of the MK TE itself ended some time ago. You’d have
to find someone that makes custom panels. I did a quick Google search and didn’t really come up with anything. The MK TE didn’t really get the anticipated following. Good luck in your pursuit of a flawless victory!


No problem, I thought you made the stick is why I ask. but thanks anyways!


There were some MK panels for the original TEs.


He wants to replace his MK top panel on his PDP stick with a straight 8 button like the nubytech sfac sticks.

What your mentioning is the modified MK layout panel replacement for Madcatz TE sticks.


Oh, lol, he can just make one, it’s just an MDF panel.