PDP Mortal Kombat X FightPad


A while back, I [posted a thread](The Pros and Cons of Fight Pads where I more or less reviewed various fightpads I’ve bought. Unfortunately, my computer’s video card died, so I started playing USF4 on my 360 again. And last month or so, my MadCatz Street Fighter IV FightPad died. My Street Fighter X Tekken FightPad is PS3 currently only (I have a converter on the way, but it really can’t ship here soon enough) and I’ve resorted to using my PDP Mortal Kombat X FightPad ever since.

This thing is an overpriced cheap piece of shit. How can something be so overpriced and still be so cheap, you ask? [As I said before](The Pros and Cons of Fight Pads the plastic is so flimsy, I could likely snap it in half if I got angry enough. In fact, once I get my Mayflash Universal Controller Adapter, I may just smash this thing repeatedly with a hammer.

As you may have guessed, I got to use this pad a little more in depth. Doing so helped to reduce the amount of times the face buttons double-tapped themselves (the pad has this weird thing, possibly involving its microswitches, where each time you press a button, it has a chance to read the input twice. When you first start using it, it happens a lot, but as you continue to use the pad, it’ll happen less frequently. BUT IT’LL STILL HAPPEN.). You’ll also get jump forwards or jump back if you move forward or back and then try to neutral jump. When I mentioned this in my previous review, I hadn’t confirmed it. Now I have. The diagonal sensitivity is also bad. Terribad. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thrown out standing punches before a fireball finally deigned to come out.

So yeah. This pad does not get better the more you use it. It just makes you more enraged, salty and less capable a player. I’m just gonna say never buy PDP products. Ever. From what I heard of their last fightpad, that one was even worse (it didn’t even have a god damn d-pad). I’m gonna go smash this thing with a sledgehammer now. I can’t believe I paid $50 for this shit.


Before you smash it apart, you should consider donating it to someone who can use it for a padhack into a stick.


Hell as long as the PC/Console can still detect the pad us hackers and modders would love to take that game pad off your hands.


I used this same pad for my stickless controller. I echo the fact that it felt horrible as a pad, but it was brilliant to use for a padhack and the way that everything desolders and leaves neat holes and pads to connect to is just a dream, in addition to it being common ground.


As a pad player, I first liked it very much (even did the Stunfest with it), but I changed my mind.

The thing is it quiclky started becoming less and less precise. It started by giving me double inputs, then buttons started getting stuck.
Another bad point is that it is very unconfortable for any non-fighting game, and on PC, the driver would randomly crash.

Hori fighting commander is much much better thant this cheap-built thing


like @Darksakul said, these 360/x1 pads are highly desirable because you can dual mod them with the HFC4, making a pseudo QUAD mod (360/X1/PS3/PS4), no diodes needed.