PDP Versus Fighting Pad has broken D-pad after only one month of playing


I’ve found the Versus Fighting Pad a great controller, the best yet, but after only one ****ing month of use 2 and 4 (I assume that’s the terminology; I refer to df and db) have huge trouble registering. It’s to the point where I can hardly block low attacks in SSFIVAE anymore and let far lesser players get away with a win or two. :frowning: Now my questions to you are:
Are all fightpads this crappy in terms of durability? Madcatz D-pad gave up after a short while, too. I desperate need a six-button layout controller as I play Blanka and Gen. Are there any good ones out there that don’t break after a short while? Secondly: Is it possible to fix the D-pad? If yes, is it hard? What items do I need and what needs to be done? Thanks!

Edit: Perhaps I should mention that I no longer get the “clicks” that I get from the other directions when I press df and db. This click is the same one as on arcade sticks.


First question: is the word fucking censored now?

Second question! Do the cardinal directions still click? If so, then the plastic has worn away on the pad part and you’re screwed. You could open up the pad and check for plastic dust shavings. If you don’t want to do that, I’d simply call PDP and ask for your money back or a new pad since it’s been about 30 days or so.

If the cardinal directions do not all click then this can be fixed by getting a new (and superior) switch and using some basic soldering skills.

Otherwise, I’d skip out on pads and graduate to stick already. You’re at that point you need that 6 button layout and if you got used to the clicky feel of the d-pad stick hybrid then you could adjust to a stick in a few weeks.


If the pad is common ground, I’d keep it for the pcb. You’ll probably want it for a stick at some point if you get the bug for tinkering with them.

… assuming you can’t get a refund/replacement, of course.


Hehe, I have no idea if it is censored. Just didn’t want to get into trouble. :slight_smile:

By cardinal directions I assume you mean up, d, b, f, u? Only uf, u and ub click. This means I am not screwed? My soldering skills are non existent. Hm, is it tough to learn? I might have a friend who could help me. Do you think I could use som quality stuff that makes it so I won’t have to open it up again within a couple of months? I would be grateful for help on this … It really made me disappointed to have it break after having gotten a controller that has improved my game significantly. :frowning:
And if it is fixable, what do I need in terms of items to fix it? Sorry for being a complete newb. :slight_smile:


Sadly, despite being common ground, it’s been discovered that for some reason, the PDP pads do not work with dual mods.


Oh yeah, I recall that issue.

@DeusMortem‌ That means the down switch went bad. Basically, you’ll open the pad, find out what kind of switches they are, and then buy superior Omron versions of those same switches. You’ll need 4 for all the directions and while you’re at it might as well replace all the button ones because those will go at some point, too.

You might want to watch some basic how to soldering videos on youtube before you try something like this. If it looks like something you can’t do, for example you don’t have a steady hand, then don’t bother. If you think you can, it’s as simple as getting an iron, some solder, a desoldering braid, and removing the old switches and putting the new ones on and then soldering the contact points.


I’m assuming you could still use it for a single pcb stick, or is there something especially strange about this controller?


Damn, both this one and my Madcatz fightpad have broken down on me after mere months. Does anyone know if the SFxT fightpad is more durable? I’d rather learn fixing a controller instead of constantly buying new ones, though … but I’m not too technical when it comes to these things. :frowning:


Forgot if that was still possible. However the basic conclusion was that PDP was on some crazy shit when they made this.


The SFxT pad is the same thing with different art. I’ve had a sf4 pad since it was first released without any problems. Either you’re really unlucky, or you’re really hard on pads. I’ll second the notion that it may be prudent to consider making the switch- even if you destroy sticks, they can be repaired pretty easily, usually at a low cost (by replacing micro switches/gates/actuators). Fight pads for 360 and ps3 are going to become increasingly rare, already hard to get one for under $25 now.


Hm, so you’re thinking that if I buy a bunch some of them will not break? I don’t think I’m rough on them at all! :frowning: I prefer the PDP pad to the SFIV Madcatz one …

I have a TE stick with square gate but I suck at using it compared to how I fare on a controller. So fixing a stick is real easy? Mine seems to work just as well (or bad for me) as when I got it …

I’ve found PVP real cheap, but the import cost and delivery to Sweden makes it … well, far less cheap. The Madcatz fightpad I can only find PS3 one very cheap; the 360 versions is like thrice the price. :frowning:


I used the pdp pad for a while as well and the same thing ended up happening to me after about 2 months, i really liked the pdp pad so it was frustrating that it broke so quick but at the same time I am pretty sure i paid only like $20 for it from eb games so it wasn’t really surprising. I tried a friends mcz fight pad and i wasn’t a fan at all after using the pdp so i ended up just getting the evo tournament fight stick and liked it alot more once i got use to it.

But from what i hear its a quite common issue with the pdp fight pad, the plastic wears down under the dpad/joystick thing so i wasn’t getting a full rotation when throwing fireballs and stuff rendering it basically unusable.


Yeah, the Madcatz one is inferior to PDP. I have been so happy with it so it’s such a letdown to realise it would cost me a fortune to keep enough of them around to last for years …

I’ve tried adjusting to a stick for months of playing but I never get to the same level as with a controller it seems … Should I switch from square to octagonal gate? Could that help me, you think? Does any professional use octa?


Yes, sticks are cheap and easy to fix. The most common mechanical problem is worn out microswitches- on buttons there is no soldering required, just pop the old one out and put the new one in. On the stick itself replacing a single microswitch requires a very small amount of soldering (2 contacts per switch), or you could replace the whole pcb assembly without soldering (which isn’t as cost effective, but much cheaper than buying a new complete joystick).

As for the octogonal gate, give it a shot if you have trouble with the square. Gates are cheap, even cheaper if you can just buy the insert. I’ve read that some of the pros use octogonal or circle gates, but ultimately what they use should be irrelevant- use what you like. Don’t worry about other people’s opinions. On that note, if you really want to stick with pads, that’s your call; I’m making this suggestion based more on a cost/availability/repairability basis (given your trouble with pads breaking) than on my own enjoyment of sticks.


Hitboxes are another easily repairable (even easier than a joystick) option, although I’m guessing the learning curve would be steep.


I would get a saturn pad and then get a convertor made using the FGCwidget and ps360+.


That’s a good idea too, but the thing with Saturn pads is they’re not in production anymore and when they break down you’ll have to find another used one. Plus, if it breaks down it requires similar repair as what he already has.

I think he should play on his stick, he has one, he just needs practice. I’m going to write up a tutorial for learning stick.


Thanks for the advice on Saturn pad. Is it good?

Know what, guys? Something happened yesterday. I’ve had a stick for years and in the heat of battle I do far less well on it than on a controller. Never understood the hype with sticks. Thought people were just being “purists”. Then yesterday, I realised stick is AMAZING if you get used to it. You just need to put more thought, strategy into playing because different inputs require different finger positions. All of a sudden I was doing stuff I couldn’t even do with a six button controller. I plinked Gen’s 1 framers and I did Blankas crmkxxelectricity and Honda’s crlkxxhands. It is IMPOSSIBLE to do that consistently on a controller. Even though I can do some fancy stuff with a six button controller I realised I am actually, even with such a good controller, crippling myself when not using stick for those characters.

And square gate is amazing too, for charge characters, and I take a liking to charge characters as I find them more strategy oriented. Know what else I realised? I have a major blister on the finger I use for sliding today. Anyone else got those? I need to be real fast when I play Blanka and Honda (and to some extent Gen) but I hope my finger will eventually get used to this treatment. :frowning: If not, tips on how to protect the finger? It’s the **** you finger, by the way.


Tried playing today but I can’t with the blister on my hand. I really hope I won’t be getting these blisters in the long run. Would mean I can only play for like one day and then take a week’s break, lol.


Man callouses on your hands from gaming was common in the 90s and early 2000s.
A good gamers callous is 2nd only to a seamstress callous