PDP Versus Fighting Pad - Squeaky d-pad and loose buttons


I bought a brand new, packaged and unopened PDP Versus Fighting Pad on eBay, but had some problems.

At first I had to press harder to input down, down-back and down-front, but after two of three uses this problem stopped; however, the d-pad started making squeaking sounds and became a little twistable. I also noted that, since the first use, the buttons felt a lot looser than I expected from a brand new pad.


Since I ordered it from outside USA (Brazil, more specifically), my guess is the package was mistreated during its way. What do you think? Is what I reported normal for this model? Have you had any issues like those ones?


I have two basically unused PDP Versus 360 pads and haven’t had any of the squeaking, although it does twist the same way. Your buttons seem maybe a little looser than mine but the click/switch sounds the same.

I have had the trigger on one of the pads become kinda loose, so I placed some paper between the trigger and the switch to help it engage better. It’s easy to take apart, so I recommend taking a look at the “d-stick” and maybe clean it to see if that helps the squeaking/friction.


The thumb stick is problematic at best, and yes is considered normal for the P.O.S. controller PDP makes.
PDP made the same mistakes Nintendo did with it’s Analog stick on the N64 controller and SNK did with the Neo Geo game Pad for the Neo GEO CD.

You got plastic grinding on plastic which produce this plastic dust, that dust gets into the switches and button contacts.

if the controller is not too far cone yet, you could open the controller, open the effected switches (if you are able too) and air blast out all the dust, then lube the thumb stick pivot with molycoat 44, which is the same grease used to lube arcade joysticks.


it all sounds pretty normal to me. i’ve had experience with the xbox 360 and ps3 PDP fightpads. buttons and dpad are all activated with small microswitches, sort of like the ones inside of computer mice. other controllers get their resistance on the buttons from the rubber membranes they sit on so you’ll get a different feel. the dpad uses a weird cross-type plastic part to activate the switches, it might’ve fallen a little out of place when you first received it. unfortunately the dpad will fail after a few months, its just a problem with these models. replacing it isn’t too hard but, thankfully. you may be able to source the part on here later, i sent two off to a guy in sweden back in march.