PDP Versus Pad

Just wondering what the overall opinion of these things were. Reason I ask is because I just noticed that Gamestop is pretty much selling them for $10-$20 nowadays. Were they ever a pretty good option for people who used pads or did they just never catch on?

Anyone know if PDP is even planning on having some sort of revision to it or are they pretty much done with it?

I picked one up for a buddy who plays on pad. He really likes it. Says that the 6 face buttons make a huge difference from the stock 360/ps3 pad. Likes the feel of the microswitches all around, and much prefers the stick to a D-pad. which is what i typically see with 6 face button controllers.

Ive played with it some too, my only issues are the placement of the buttons themselves and the durability of the parts. The PDPs layout is off center compared to the stock 360 pad, I got used to it pretty quickly, but it did throw me off. But when it comes to the quality of the parts, i’m not so sure. A fair number of hours have been put into it so far, but 2 of the microswitches have gone silent. Neither of us notice a difference in the input itself, still plays great, but the microswitches just don’t ‘click’ anymore. Not sure how that bodes for the controller in the long run, but we will see.

At 20$ i still think it was worth it… and its still kickin.

I really like mine for KoF (only using it because my stick isn’t supported in KoF), not so much for Street Fighter, though.

I will say my x button is really iffy now, so I’ve stopped using it. It wasn’t even my most used button.