(PDX)Lets play please!

About one week till EVO, and I think we should get together for casuals sometime. I hope no one is thinking their gonna do good at EVO after playing only a few tourneys for a whole year. Lets play some 3S, and other games please, before we go with no practice whatsoever.

Coulda swore i had a thread setup where people could come over and play games at my place ANYTIME… left a # and address and everything…

i’m down i usually have mon/wed off, but i can come out anytime after work (around 10 pm)

we can play at my house too, i set up my garage for gaming and its a pretty big garage. I got a big HD tv and a regular 27 in tv. I live out in milwaukie by best buy. I have marvel,cvs2, 3rdstrike, and super turbo. Holla if you guys want to play, I have a custom ps joystick and one converter to dream cast. You guys would probably have to bring sticks and maybe another dreamcast, other than that I have ps2 and a dreamcast. Anthony has my number.