PDX Tilt Tourney #1 3S @ T5DR, MvC2 September 29th (09/29/07)

PDX Tilt tourney: + Marvel
When: September 29th, 09/29
Where: Portland, OR at Lloyd center Tilt
What games: 3S and Tekken5 DR @ marvel
What time: Sign ups start at 2:00, Tournament starts at 3:30
How much: 5 dollar entry fee
Prize: 1st place=60% of pot money, 2nd place=30%, 3rd place=10%
Tournament style:Double elimination, 3/5 games for losers@grandfinals, 2/3 for everygame else.

First of many post Evo tourneys, try out what you learned, bust out your new character:wink:, or just come if you missed Evo. I’ll post up fliers like always. I’m sure there’ll be casuals later at Arts, maybe even a side CVS2, ST Tourney.

3S should have plenty of people like always, though Tekken should have a very good turnout, Kent say’s he’s gonna get some Seattle players down here, and Team Mexico should turn out in full, maybe a few new locals too, haven’t seen Black Dennis around but I’m sure he’ll come.

NW Major games should be MVC2, T5DR, 3S , ST, CVS2,GGAC in popular order, that’s all the games there should be, side games should be played somewhere else.

Peace and post up, on this thread and NW majors thread.

I’m only gonna get 60%? You should give me 100% when I win.

oh shit 10% here i come!

ps from now on should be 70/30/entry fee lol

Bwah ha ha
That 10% is only yours if you can defeat the power of my Sheng Long!

school probably will prevent any chance of me making this one damnit.

hell yeah. I’ll be there

hmm now I have to decide on a character to play…

K I’ll ask for this day off, how was evo? did anyone get laid lmao

no one who hasnt already :sweat:

Have any new games shown up at Tilt in the past 9 months or so? Or any of the old games gotten shipped out? All I’ve got over here I can practice on is KOF XI, GG AC, and maybe Melty Blood if I feel like learning that for whatever reason. (yeah, I could try learning Tekken, but at this point, playing it against Koreans is kinda ow) Busan remains annoyingly sparse on Capcom.

anthony is it just the 2 games 3S and DR? ill have the day off. so if ya need help let me know.

someone run mvc2

Marvel will be ran along side this. Same date, time, format, etc.

ps Ay rico suave wannabe change title please

I’ll add marvel, pending on how many people show up will determine the entry fee.


dangit. Too late to ask for the day off. Are there going to be games afterwards?

Of course, come when you can I think.

thanks beastmaster.

Shut up ho I WILL END TOU. Hey drew I’ll solidify that UR DONE. At this tourny.

Sry, I’ll be watching the ducks game. Everyone knows I’m the #1 stunna anyway.

Coming at me like a young Cedric Ceballos. Nigga must be crazy.

Where are the results?! I’m dying to see who got 5th or 7th!