PDX Tournaments Thread -- Next Tournament Best Bout Presents Slugfest 8 - 01/22/2011


NEXT EVENT: Best Bout Presents: Slugfest 8 - SSF4 Tournament @ Ground Kontrol - Jan 22 2011 PDX
Super Street Fighter 4 Tournament (XBox 360)
1v1 and 2v2 Tournaments!

Saturday January 22nd, 2010
2v2 Signups from 10AM to 11AM
1v1 Signups until 12:30PM
2v2 Tournament begins at 11AM SHARP
1v1 Tournament begins at 1PM SHARP
Tournaments must end by 4:45PM
The venue is 21+ after 5PM so we have to be strict regarding time. If you are late for a match you will be disqualified.

Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade
10 NW 5th (Ground Kontrol is remodeling so this event will be held at their temporary location a block away)
Portland, OR 97209
Phone: (503) 796-9364

$5 venue fee to enter 1v1, 2v2 or both
$7 for 1v1
$7 per person for 2v2
(Free to watch)

Cash and gift certificates for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
Pot split 70/20/10

1v1 Tournament Format
Standard Double Elimination Format.
The grand finals will be best 3 out of 5. All other matches will be best 2 out of 3 games.

2v2 Tournament Format

1st. Bokkin
2rd. Riki-oh
3th. Duggish

(I'll have to look up the next fews placers incase seattles doesn't come. I'm not listed because I'll be out of the country during this) 



The Venue Fee will be $5 per entrant. Please note that it is for either tournament, if you enter both, you only need to pay once.
Teams will begin at 1 PM, Singles will begin at 4PM or when teams end. Participants are encouraged to enter both tournaments.**

Universal Tournament Rules

The tournament will be played on XBOX360.

The tournament is bring your own arcade stick/controller.

PLEASE be there when your match is called. If you are not, you will be DQed. If you need to leave to smoke, restroom, food, etc. LET THE TOURNAMENT ORGANIZER KNOW. If you fail to do so and are D.Q.?ed then you are at fault.

2v2 Rules

Super Street Fighter 4 3v3 Tournament: $15 per team

No character lock. Blind select is an optional mandatory. It is highly advised, but up to ya’ll.

Pokemon Style

The Tournament will be Double Elimination

Each game will be one Pokemon set, 99 second timer, 2/3 games

**Pot Division:
If there are less than 8 teams, the pot will be split with 70% going to first place and 30% going to second place,

If there are more than 8 teams, the pot will be split with 70% going to first, 20% to second and 10% going to third

If there are more than 16 teams, the pot will be 50% for first, 25% for second, 15% for third and 10% to 4th[/details]

Singles information

Super Street Fighter 4 Singles: $10 per entrant

Please note, $7 of the entry fee will go directly into the pot. $2 will go into a ?league pot (explained below) and $1 will go towards a trophy, or trophies.

Super Street Fighter 4 Singles will be a standard double elimination format tournament. 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games, 99 seconds.

Winner of each game must keep their character and select their ultra first. The loser has the option to change his or her character and will be allowed to pick their ultra second.

Pot Division

If there are less than 32 entrants, the pot will be divided 70% for first, 20% for second and 10% for third,

If there are more than 32 entrants, the pot will be divided 65% for first, 20% for second, 10% for third and 5% for fourth.[/details]

League Information

League Pot:

The league pot will be kept during the entire league and be continuously added to throughout the league (Minimum of 6 events, but most likely will go 10 total, possibly 12, looking at either a 3 month league repeat, or a 6 month)

At the end of each tournament, the placings will be assigned points with the following rate

1st: 10pt

2nd: 7pt

3rd: 5pt

4th: 3pt

5th ? 8th: 2pt

9th and Lower: 1pt
When that season of league is finished, The pot will be divided between the top 8 players as so

1st: 52%

2nd: 20%

3rd: 10%

4th: 6%

5th-8th: 3%[/details]

Epic Gaming is located at

17185 SE McLoughlin Boulevard
Milwaukie, OR, 97267

About the Venue
Epic Gaming does allow outside food and drink (not counting alcohol) and also is located near food and drink locations!

More information can be found here

Team Khaos and Epic Gaming combine for Portland Street Fighter League

Slugfest 9 - March 12th? (May Change)
Epic Khaos March - March 26th


Tilt 2v2 Results

** TILT 2v2 Results **
1: Team Psycho Beats (LordBBH (DIC) OMNE (DJ))
2: Team SmashBros (SamB (CAM) Tau (BLA))
3: Team We’re Gonna Win (Fatbear (RUF) Virsaga (RYU))
4: Team Yoga Demon (G-Effect (AKU) Yangsing (SIM))
5: Team Criminal Class (Kwyjibo (COD) FullMetalRoss (DUD))
5: Team Southeast Salties (PDX_Jive (SAG) James (SIM))
7: Team 3rd Strike (Taziri (ELF) MacKinzie (IBU))
7: Team Mollywop (Xeris (ZAN) AMurderOfCrows (JUR))
9: Team Shouldn’t Be Playing (Hellsap (ADO) Pasqual (RYU))
9: Team I Don’t Care (SlayU2 (RYU) Will (CHN))[/details]

Bracket:Tilt 2v2 Bracket
Stream VOD:5150 Gaming on Ustream

Ground Kontrol Results

Ground Kontrol 1v1 Results
1: Fatbear
2: Lord_BBH
3: Virsaga
4: MFC_Pulsed
5: Samb
5: Hopefully Bailey (Ronnicle)
7: Yangsing
7: Pito
9: PDXJive
9: TonyDanza
9: Kwyjibo
9: G_effect
13: Little_Bear
13: MFC_Super
13: Morework
13: Fappy
17: Wedge
17: Kal
17: Resolute
17: Joker
17: Tlow
17: Slayu2
17: MetalHealth
17: Key
25: Dirty_Sanchez
25: WhatJustHappened
25: Tsunamiken
25: DMG
25: tau
25: DSM
25: Slash5150[/details]

Bracket:Ground Kontrol Results
Stream VOD:5150 Gaming on Ustream

Tilt Oct 30 2v2 Results

1: Minorateam (Virsaga (RYU)/SamB (CAM))
2: Team Fray (LordBBH (DIC)/Yangsing (BOX))
3: Team BNS (Kwyjibo (COD)/Ronnicle (SAG))
4: Team Shadowlaw (MK Master503 (DIC)/Russ (SAG))
5: Team Tanden Demons (G-Effect (AKU)/MFC Pulsed (SET))
5: Team Scene Over (MoreWork (BOX)/TonyDanza (GUI))
7: Team 2&Out (Pasqual (ROS)/SlayU2 (CAM))[/details]

Bracket:Oct. 30 Tilt Results

GK-Slugfest VII Results


1: Bokkin ($142.10)
2: fatbear ($40.60)
3: Rikki-o ($20.30)
4: duggish
5: SamB
5: PDXJive
7: MFC Pulsed
7: Virsaga
9: Lord_BBH
9: shred
9: Afrocole
9: MFC_Zander
13: Wedge
13: Omne
13: BB G_effect
13: Tspeeds
17: JP
17: NS2DG
17: Krazy Korean frank
17: Kwyjibo
17: trojan
17: Tajiri
17: Time dog
17: MK Master 503
25: Count_Zero
25: Mackinzie
25: easterislandhead
25: terramce
25: CPR
25: tsunamiken

Youtube Playlist: SLUGFEST VII on YOUTUBE

TOURNEYPLAY:Portland SSF4/.3s/HDR Tournament



3S Results


1: Fatbear<br/>
2: AfroCole<br/>
3: Geesemaster<br/>
4: Tajiri<br/>
5: Xeris<br/>
5: MacKinzie<br/>
7: Mofat<br/>
7: CPR<br/>

3S Bracket:http://teamkhaosgaming.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/3s-singles.gif
3S Youtube Videos:

HD Remix Results

HD Remix Results


1: AfroCole<br/>
2: YOMP Deezo<br/>
3: YOMP Thai Vega<br/>
4: YOMP Mechanica<br/>
5: BrentoBox<br/>
5: KKF<br/>
7: Duggish<br/>
7: CPR<br/>
9: Ghrrk<br/>
9: MacKinzie<br/>
13: Famous Nate<br/>

HDRemix Bracket:http://teamkhaosgaming.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/hdr-singles.gif
HDRemix Videos:

Super SF4 3v3 Results

SSF4 3v3 Results


1: StayFree (Afrocole, YOMP Deezo, Thai Vega)<br/>
2: Sloppy D + NW Exposure (Bokkin, Mister K, Mike Has Cookies)<br/>
3: MSS-Alpha (SamB, Fatbear, MacKinzie)<br/>
4: In teh Weeds (Duggish, Mechanica, Xeris)<br/>
5: Predator Ship (Heavy_D, Hyre, Troy_RN)<br/>
5: Brown (Riki-Oh, Bowflex Mike, Ceramic Sugar)<br/>
7: Krazy Tanaka Dank (FrankDaDank, Tanaka Force, KKF)<br/>
7: UMad? (Tajiri, CMSmoove, OMNE)<br/>
9: 25Free (Shred, Jimmy, Scuba)<br/>
9: Nate Douville Tier Voltron Vega (BrentoBox, Famous Nate, Ghrrk)<br/>
9: RiverBottomNightmareBand (Rob, Zafo, Zerostar.hx)<br/>
9: Where’s Ronnicle (Pasqual, Kwyjibo, PandaPajamas)<br/>
13: Fuck Yo Couch (Akela, CPR, Good Not Great)<br/>

SSF4 3v3 Bracket:http://teamkhaosgaming.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/ssf4-3v3-teams.gif
SSF4 3v3 Youtube:
SSF4 3v3 VOD:

SSF4 Singles Results

SSF4 Singles Results


1: Bokkin<br/>
2: SamB<br/>
3: AfroCole<br/>
4: Fatbear<br/>
5: Tanaka Force<br/>
5: Bowflex Mike<br/>
7: Mister K<br/>
7: YOMP Thai Vega<br/>
9: Riki-Oh<br/>
9: FrankDaDank<br/>
9: YOMP Deezo<br/>
9: Ceramic Sugar<br/>
13: YOMP Mechanica<br/>
13: OMNE<br/>
13: MikeHasCookies<br/>
13: Duggish<br/>
17: Zerostar.hx<br/>
17: Hyre<br/>
17: CMSmoove<br/>
17: BrentoBox<br/>
17: Kwyjibo<br/>
17: ScubaSteve<br/>
17: Good not great<br/>
17: A WeakPlayer 206<br/>
25: CPR<br/>
25: MacKinzie<br/>
25: YOMP Famous Nate<br/>
25: HeavyD<br/>
25: Akela<br/>
25: Shredilicious<br/>
25: Zafo999<br/>
25: Tajiri<br/>
33: Ghrrk<br/>
33: Troy_RN<br/>
33: Pasqual<br/>
33: KKF<br/>
33: PandaPajamas<br/>
33: Xeris<br/>
33: Julian<br/>
33: Rob Plummer<br/>

SSF4 Singles Bracket:http://teamkhaosgaming.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/ssf4-1v1-singles.gif
SSF4 Singles Youtube:
SSF4 Singles VOD:

Epic Khaos January Tournament Results

SSF4 3v3


1: What. (Cole, Virsaga, Duggish)
2: Random Psycho Beats (Jetay, BBH, Kevin)
3: Deuce Nickel Tre (Steve, Chris, Shredder)
4: Whatever (Panda, Hellsap, FM Ross)
5: FA G-Effect (Mackinzie, AJ, Bimmy)
5: 1 Second to Win (Barry, Dustin, Mikey)

Bracket: http://teamkhaosgaming.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/epic-khaos-3s.gif

SSF4 Singles


1: tnMuggish
2: Dirty Cole
3: SamB
4: BBH
5: Virsaga
5: ScubaSteve
7: PDX_Jive
7: Hurricane Chris
9: Mikey
9: Dustin
9: Shredder
9: Tsunamiken
13: Kwijibo
13: Yatta Dante
13: Barry
13: R_Panda
17: Hellsap



Reserved for even more space


And just a little more space. Going to try to keep stuff really organized


cant hurt to have active players updating tournament info, even if you didnt respond to my pm -_-
also feel free to help mod the Oregon etc. thread, i havent heard much from Pasqual recently and ive been broke/slackin so it hasnt been as prompt as it used to be. it could use more active mods with new ideas imo.

edit: i like the map and stream links :tup:


Thank you slash for typing this up…Should help out a lot in the long run.


I think this will work better too. Especially to move both discussion threads here, that way its more organized.

Also sorry Kurt…really haven’t kept up too much on the pm game.


^^ no sweat, that i can understand. the guy ended up switching his anyway, still strange that i cannot make mine any larger, same problem on youtube.


Tournament at my house right now. $100 entry fee. 2 player cap. Let’s go!


i can do color commentary, what’s good?


Thanks Preppy for stickying this. I owe you a cookie now


As requested by Sammy:

The Uajimaya Japanese Fesival 2010 happens the same weekend as the next tourney that is supposed to happen at Tilt. Sammy would really like for the tournament to get moved over there, and for another tourney the next day.

This event is pretty big and important for Sammy, and he’s really looking for the support of the community. The estimated turnout is between 5,000 and 10,000 people across 2 days.

We’ve got enough time before the tourney to be able to move it. the question is how willing is everyone to do so. We know what worked and what didn’t the last time, so we can improve things visually (sun screens to prevent glare, etc).

Sammy is looking for an answer ASAP. I’ve already taken the day off to help with setup and such.

I’ll be cross posting into the Team Tourney thread.


^Tournament is not relocating. Thanks.


Who out their is looking 4 a tag team partner?:karate:


For hotpockets?


5150 Gaming on USTREAM: Stuff.


Just watched the stream, wish I was there. Good stuff.


Thanks a lot man. I hope to get the results from G-Effect soon.


why weren’t you there?!


2v2 Tournament went very well.

I thought everything worked out very well in regards to time, it took just under 3 and a half hours using only one setup for the top 8, as I was informed that the other setup, the cab, was a bit laggy. More will have to be looked into on this in the future.

Some things that can go better for next tournament.

As Ethan mentioned, more chairs would definitely help.
A Bigger Table lol.
Give each person two characters to choose from, but they have to keep said character for the duration of that match. aka if its a 2/3, you pick the chara you want to use and you gotta use that chara the whole set.

2/3 and 3/5…I regret saying that haha. I wanted to take a nap mid match between Smash and Beats…

I’m currently talking to a couple other venues for new places we can get tournaments down and hopefully more people can make it out to PDX tournaments to help the community grow.