PE-2 "MvC 1 on 1 Tournament"

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (US 980123)

:r: 32 players
:r: 1 on 1
:r: To advance to the next round you must win 2 games out of 3.
:r: Tournament will be on Mame32k 64.0
:r: Will be on east coast servers

There are 3 spots left for this tournament. the reason im posting here even though there are 3 spots left is the no show rate.
i ran a few tournaments before and assisted in helping others run tournaments. most of the time in these tournaments. not many showed up.many people told me 12-16 would show up for the tournament. i am going to have an extra slots for 10 players to replace the NO SHOWS.
to sign up post your contact information(Aol Instant messenger screen name and E-mail) at

:r:check here to look see who is in the tournament