Peace, was never an option bruvs



So, when you came across this story, was your first reaction “This would make a great thread on SRK”? Did you feel any sense of elation, or excitement?
Please be honest, my “SRK Horror Boner” research depends on it.


It’s a hate baiting thread. Moving on.


how is it bating bruv? I’ve posted other stories not to bash or hate but to converse and share opinions. it was a heinous crime and I’m sure others will agree and others will say that she must have deserved it. I mean some shit just shouldn’t be made fun of or you’ll be heading for punishment, nawmeen bruvs?

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Says the guy who invented the sub-genre of “Horror Boner” posts.

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So regulate paid the dude to behead his wife, in order to make this thread?

Good to know

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That is not true.
I merely discovered it. Its like fire, nobody invented it.
Although, one day I do hope to invent a machine that is very efficient in inducing them.


shhhh bruv, you’re giving it away :confused:

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I don’t get it…


You say that as if it were a bad thing…

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yo regulate, you fucked up bruv. I clicked this thread expecting info on the sequel to xmen first class


I clicked on it expecting to see Matriarch’s tits.

Instead I got another shit excuse for a thread.


Worldwide, around 70% of all women will be physically, sexually, or emotionally abused. By far most of this abuse will be done by men. I really wish there was a way to stop this kind of thing, it’s a disgusting violation of human rights.

I’m sure you have plenty of sites bookmarked to keep righty and lefty occupied.


Wish I knew what you was talking about. But since I don’t just randomly click on links in a thread that ONLY has a fucking random link with ZERO description about it I guess I will never know.

PS: I am lying, the only thing I was wishing for was tits…


I worded it just for you bruv, MISHUN KOMPRETE!

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Who the fuck is bruv.


Regulate has some serious women hating issues. Don’t be mad at women because they won’t touch you. Increase your attractiveness and learn to flirt and you’ll realize that getting laid isn’t that hard. No need to be so angry.


How did you know I have to use both hands to pleasure myself? Somebodies been watching me thru a foggy bathroom window again.

But in all seriousness, 70% is a bs figure. More like 56%, and 12% of them are actually men in drag.



wtf is “emotional abuse”? why is it lumped in with physical and sexual abuse? wtf does emotional abuse even mean? if i call a woman a bitch am i emotionally abusing her? what if i make fun of her? what if i ask her to post pix on the internet? that’s just such a vague term.

well you know what? 100% of males have been emotionally abused by females. just look at all the broken men in marriages and the women who ride them mercilessly, cheat on them, divorce them, and get rewarded with the house, kids, and alimony. that’s horrific abuse.