Peacock Question and Answer Thread

Yeah these are excellent points, I just worry, if you DON’T land the combo, you just put yourself close range to your opponent, which probably isn’t a good thing, especially outside the corner (at least in the corner, Peacock can do serious damage). So I would say it’s probably safer to always stay away, and a safe Peacock is the best Peacock. Perhaps?

Maybe, Ive only had the game for 3 days and have played only a hand full of online matches and they were all 1 vs 1 lol, so everything I say is just speculation at this point.

It’s good to play it safe when still getting a feel for the character. Eventually you do want to step up your game. If you aren’t feeling confident with combos, just go for a throw into super. Simple combos like s.lp s.hp into Bang! (MP/HP) into Argus are something you should work on though. Even practicing combos in training isn’t enough. You need to take it to an actual match to test your nerves. A fighting game is probably the worst type of game to become complacent in.

Sometimes you just have to experiment on the fly. Don’t worry about losing so much, as long as you are learning something in the process. If the thought “I wonder if…” ever crosses your mind, go to training mode and figure it out as opposed to looking up videos first. Flexing creativity is good for adapting on the fly, rather than regurgitating something you saw on youtube once.

Quoted for truth, This applies to all fighting games, particularly when its new out

Is there anywhere with a chart that shows all of the unlockable colors? If not, can someone tell me what the unlockable colors are like for Peacock? I really like the green one you get from the HK button, so unless I would like any of the other ones better, I dont wanna waste my time unlocking them

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Black and white is the one true color.

Thank you. Yea, black and white is nice, but I will probably stick with the dark green one.

Yeah I use the black and white as well. Although it’s a shame because the colors in this game are so crisp.

What are you guys using for pokes/hitconfirms? LP and LK have no range and s.MP looks pretty unsafe. And how safe/unsafe is QCF+LP or QCF+MP? I really wish we had record dummy options in training mode.

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Peacock… pokes? She has normals other than Avery?

st. LK -> st. MP hitconfirm chain is what I’ve been using, and I haven’t been punished yet. (Not to say that it’s completely safe, we will have to wait until Pizzarino gets her frame data.)

She has AVAST! as well. :3

I think with proper distance is safe. I like although it’s better used as an anti-air, or its good if you think they will fly/instant air dash. I don’t see enough and I actually think that is probably one of her better pokes, haven’t tested it myself honestly x.x. With max distance I believe cr.hp is safe… I hope.

Is actually a good anti air? Does it beat a lot of stuff out? I thought it looked like it would be just from the hitbox but I havnt really tested it out.

Although it looks as if it should be a good anti air, I’m not entirely sure. For whatever reason her hat also hat a hurtbox, and with some of the rediculous jump ins some characters have…sigh

Yeah - I find Parasoul jump in to be difficult to deal with. Depending on how far away she was / how deep she hit the button it can sometimes be hard to know when the last hit of it will end and when the crouching attack will begin. If you start holding down back too early to block the crouching attack you’ll get hit and then it’s a free combo. I try to pushblock it whenever I can.

Anyways - here’s a question for you other Peacock players. Have you found an actual use for the bomb super? The only thing I’ve seen it used for is some weird corner combos but let’s be honest… if you have the other player in the corner then odds are you are at the other side of the screen. I mean you could theoretically be right up in somebody’s face and have them locked down in the corner but that’s simply not the way Peacock is really designed to be played. So are there any uses for the bomb super other than the extremely rare corner combo?

Bomb super gets me safe DHCs in. And you can troll Double’s Bionic Car and maybe more with it.

It’s really good for spacing. If someone is in your face, you can throw it out, it will encourage your opponent to back away. You block the bomb while charging your heavy item drop. Similar to Dhalsim’s Yoga Catastrophe. So in summation use it for zoning, Peacock’s strong suit. The corner combos do work though, frankly they are gimmicky though.

You can also DHC into it from other characters, which is pretty safe.

Does it have invincibility frames and low or no recovery? I really haven’t used it much in a match and with no recording available in training mode it’s hard to discover what properties these things have. I didn’t realize it was completely safe to just throw out whenever.

Not sure if invincibility frames, but it’s pretty fast. Also for fun mind games you can throw it out, and then teleport away from it.

Lenny bomb is cool. perhaps a good way of ruining someones day if they super randomly. But i feel argus is a much better use of meter