Peacock Stick Thief Update



…And like that, the matter has been resolved. The stick has been delivered into more trustworthy hands, so I’m removing all posts I’ve made related to it.


That’s a shame…


Kill him and eat him.


Uh, if you are sure it was him (did he incriminate himself in a message? Do you have proof of some sort?) then send it to the authorities, and even more so, to his school. If he’s still a student, the hell he’ll get from student services is more likely to get you results than going to the Cops.

Assuming he doesn’t post on SRK?


Just drop a grand piano on him.



I want to know more about this :slight_smile:


Dick. It’s fine if you steal something (not that i’m endorsing the action, he’s an ass for that), but going back on your word is the worst thing a man can do. It’s fine if women do it, though :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I’m confused. How did you find him in the first place, and why didn’t you bring this up to the authorities instantly?


Wow, that’s soo lame! That Ryan guy has no pride as a man!! Going back on your word is malignant!!


He must be some “special” kind of thief that he managed to f*ck up both his selling scheme and the fact that he could’ve returned the stick and even cashed in a finders fee.
Well atleast Reverge managed to get him to justice, how it should be.

Also, guys, they probably revealed his name so that other event planners are cautioned about him showing up at their events and stealing shit.


the bolded makes no fucking sense at all.

i’m pretty sure stealing is going against the word of being honest. and if you aren’t honest then you are a shitbag.


I’mma find him and beat him

with a stick :tup:


Yo be careful with dat, Reverge probably want to give the stick to the winners of tourneys


It’s okay, he’ll get caught slipping.


Not that kind of-



Endorsing an action isn’t the same as accepting a habit. No part of stealing in itself is dishonest; you don’t promise someone you won’t steal from them. If you did promise and you steal anyway, that’s dishonest. Stealing is more grimy than untrue. Don’t respond to me expecting another reply.


should we…should we kill him with knives


no part of this makes sense. sorry.

Stealing an arcade stick from a company gracious enough to throw a tourney = a habit? really?


just so I am clear, you are saying the act of taking something you know doesn’t belong to you (and knowingly hiding this act) is not dishonest? Going by this “logic” you should tell the person you took the item when you take it to qualify still as being a " honest man".

o_0 and I didn’t want a reply because honestly you have no logic to stand on regarding this or what you wrote.



Apparently he has tried to contact me via phone call within the past hour. I am currently at work and was away from my cubicle so I didn’t receive the numerous calls (3 to be exact). I called him back, hopefully he responds.

-Tha Hindu

#20^This the guy? They said he studied/studies at UNLV.