Pearl White balltop

I have been checking other people’s arcade stick on this forum and noticed that some people have beautiful milky pearl balltops with RGB. I would like to do the same, but not sure where I can buy the balltop. I have listed the request at trading outlet but it seems that no one have this item for sale.

Can someone tell me where I can get this item? Sorry if I am posting this in wrong section of the forum.
but I am desperate to get this balltop.

butteroj makes them.
You even used his picture.

I sent him PM, but it seems that he does not make it anymore…so I was wondering if any store or anyone in SRK forum make it,

No one else does make.
You just have to be lucky to find someone who bought from butteroj and selling.

Sugar_Kane of course used to have custom balltops, but I haven’t seen him around in quiet a while