Pee Wee Herman's Road Trip


Judd Apatow gives Pee-Wee Herman another big adventure! – Ain’t It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news.

Words cannot discribe how awesome this had better be


Yeah i read this today and am pretty excited!! I love pee wee.




Large Marge needs to make a comeback.


nah if large marge comes back it would be too predictable


Is one of the places he’s visiting in the movie, a porn theater??


the style of pee wee’s humor makes me feel i wouldnt shock me if that happened. the question is will this be a kids movie or a judd apatow type movie?


Fucking finally.

I’d heard about the possibility of another Pee Wee movie for a while, it’s great that there’s finally a solid name behind it now. I look forward to this. Day one watch for me. I hope it still stays close to the humor of the original Big Adventure though.