Peep these sites: the favorite online artist thread

Actually, my original plan long ago was to do a thread with a decent review of each artist’s site that I liked, and maybe do one entry a week. I’d add a pic from the site (hosted on my photobucket, of course) and say why I like the artist and why you ought to scope him or her out. However, I never got around to doing it because of laziness. Fast forward to today; I found a great site with pixel fantasy/punk artwork (see: the above) and am currently on a computer not of my own. Afraid to lose the link because I can’t bookmark it, I’m posting it here in all it’s glory.

Why do I like this picture? The sprite work, obviously, for one. But I love how you can barely count all the layers being torn through on the wall; the gate, the flyers, the stone, the bricks, and the support holding the wall together, just getting ravished by war and time; and how despite it all, life persists.

Oto-fu is truth. Anyway, I guess here’s that thread I’d been wanting to make for so long. Feel free to add your own favorite online portfolios.

Not exactly new, but just in case there’s someone out there who hasn’t seen them:

No hotlinking off the sites please!

Ah! Sorry. Removed.

Every once in a while, I think every aspiring artist gets a jolt of energy that makes them want to create. Kind of like how we want to use our hands to build, even though it’s much easier to destroy (or hit ctrl+u>colorize). This site is the personal home of the man I try to emulate.

When I first played Nippon Ichi’s Disgaea, I was compelled to find all the promotional artwork and character designs the Internet had to offer. The art had a very colorful, soft, almost dreamlike watercolor presense to it. Even the designs for Disgaea’s monsters, the macabre game as it was, were endearing and adorable. This is how I discovered resident Nippon Ichi artist and Pleinair pimp, Takehito Harada.

Haradaya has a nice gallery of his original, pre-N1 work, his expertise being girls of the moe persuasion. His work remains distinctively colorful and bright, his characters contemplative yet adorable. Haradaya’s Pleinair, monster rabbit in tow, is something of a romantic interest, the mysterious focus of much of his portfolio. Her expression is blank, existing in a world which may yet remain unknown even to her creator.

By all means scope out his blogs and try to find his pics of video games in which he created versions of Pleinair. Pleinair in one of the SmackDown games, her entrance being Latino Heat’s convertable, remains one of the greatest things ever in the world.