Peepee-Sucking Mohels fight regulation



excuse me while I go vomit.


Why are they fighting to keep this shit going? Would think that giving people herpes would make people go “okay lets stop this”


They must love suckin’ that cock.


What in the living fuck is going on.

I have never heard of this before, and I’ve been aware of circumcision and the fact that their are professionals that do this.

But I can’t even make my head work. I’m just raising my hands searching for letters to type at this point.


damn man, theres about a billion dudes on craigslist who would take a hummer from anyone offering. why they gotta go down on the littlest dudes?


bunch of pedos


First I was like, you can die from herpes? I didn’t know that.
Then I read what a metzitzah b’peh is.


You watch the catholics adopt this practice into their rituals.


Wha-what even, wtf -GUH strokes out due to brain locking up


But how else will they get to suck baby dicks?


See, It’s not just the Catholics like everyone thinks.


runs into traffic blindfolded


Religious people are a joke. Get at me

Hitler was RIGHT!!! or was he???


Is this some kind of joke? Cause this don’t make no goddam sense.


Yes, let’s do it the ancient way.
It worked for people hundreds of years ago.
Thousands of humans dying from a common cold and the like.
Must’ve been great times…


I blame demons, it’s really all their fault if you think about it.


It’s supposed to be an insult not a cordial invitation!


They aren’t just baby dicks, they’re BLEEDING baby dicks… that shit takes a special kinda person.


I wonder what Angry liberal has to say on this topic with all his “pedos for christ” stuff


still less gay than SFxT :coffee:


So a rabbi uses his mouth and sucks the blood like a leach? Is there a holy spit jug or does he swallow?