Pelican adapter: D-Pad and Left Analog Stick Issue

Hi. I followed your advice and got a Pelican PS2 to PS3 adapter (since it’s also a PS2 to USB adapter “in disguise”) so I can play with as little input lag as possible on my PC. For fighting games it indeed works great. However, so I can use it as a full-fledged adapter, it should be able to differentiate between the d-pad and the left analog stick, which it seemingly can’t, with the default drivers installed by Windows XP.

I tried the GameSaike Sixaxis Driver 0.91, and though on the control panel it shows the d-pad and the left stick separately, there aren’t any explicit buttons assignable to the d-pad directions. I haven’t been able to make any application/game recognize the d-pad as one thing and the left stick as another.

Is there a fix? Other drivers? What’s the official site for this adapter?

Thanks a lot!