Pelican adapter fried due to faulty usb connection?

i plugged in my adapter into a usb port and it wasnt recognizing it.
basically now it doesnt light up and its recognized on working usb ports.

is it fucked?

it could be, did he have a overclocked usb polling rate? or anything of the sort? USB is suposed to be 5V, if it deviates to much from that voltage it could fry it. How many computers did you try it on?

just his and then mine.
my other pelican works on mine, but not this one :frowning:

possible to fix?
or should i just start looking for a new one :frowning:

The rate at which Windows polls the USB can’t mean actual hardware overclocking, as far I know.

if i was to open it and take pictures, would a fried one look any different than a normal one?

I had a pelican that died very slowly. Both PC and PS3 would recognise the controller for a few seconds then die about 70% of the time, with the other times it being happy. That percentage gradually dropped down to 0 though. I have to wonder whether it was a bad USB connection that did it, as I hadn’t used it much so it could’ve simply been faulty.

At least I’ve seen another case of a pelican dying though. I asked if anyone elses had before and I was greeted with stony silence. :expressionless: