Pelican Adapter Repair

So i found out the correct pin layout.

Again this is to fix a pelican adapter should the cord go bad and you have some spare USB cords laying around.

Materials you will need.

Wire Strippers/crimpers
Spare USB cord
Pelican RL-6338 ps2 to ps3 controller adapter
Heat shrink tubing/ Electrical tape
26-22 guage Butt connectors

First cut off the section of the cord that is bad and trim the black insulating around the cord and strip all the wire ends

second cut off the end of your spare USB cord that does not go into your PS3(obviously if you do it the other way around you just wasted a perfectly good cable lol)

Remove all the insulation around that and strip each of the wires in side.

Using the colour map below use your butt connectors to hook up the wires to their counterparts.

USB Side------------Pelican side

---------------------White(just put a butt connector on this and don’t attach to anything)

Slide the heat shrink tubing over, shrink it down and BOOM Profit.

I tested the controller afterwords using Colac’s lag tester and it showed no lag(was actually faster than when i pressed the keyboard keys lol)

Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions about doing this.

Original issue was my adapter losing power when the cord was put into a certain position.

Turned out to be a short in the cable so i figured someone could use this to help themselves.

Yikes. I’d strip both ends of those and put a terminal strip between them. Hook it up to your PC and try every different combination until it works. I wouldn’t advise doing this to the PS3 in case you blow out a USB port. You may also want to try this on a USB hub.

Hopefully it’s the cable and not the PCB inside the converter.

I repair Pelicans. Sometimes the wires are in a difference sequence in the Pelicans. You gotta use a multimeter to figure which wire goes where.

ahh lame…

thanks for the help guys time to start poking around : /

I have a faulty Pelican also. Can these be repaired?

ok i successfully fixed the cable on my pelican converter.

I will be updating the post in a bit once i finish everything up.

First post updated for anyone who also wants to do this.

Wow, good tutorial. Post a link to this thread in the converter compatibility thread, so (hopefully) this doesn’t get lost in a sea of useless threads!

A good set of photos or/and a video very carefully showing the whole process for complete dummies in this sort of procedure would be greatly appreciated. :stuck_out_tongue:

I cracked mine open last night and saw 5 wires from the USB, had a weird wiring color scheme. Looks like I’ll need to finally get a multimeter. I’ll try and post pics.

Repaired mine with butt connectors. I was going to solder directly to the board but decided this was better (stronger).

On the back, there’s a sticker that needs to be removed revealing the one and only screw. After removing the screw pry the sides open with a small flat head screw driver.



Butt connectors pinched at both ends.

Heat shrink that was too big to fully close had use electrical tape at the ends.

Done. It’s more flexible than it looks.

lol i posted what the wiring color scheme was in the first post lol.

But good shit anyways, I’ll show the final product of mine when iremember to take pics lol

Yeah I know I used your wiring color scheme as a base, but got worried when coN posted
’‘Sometimes the wires are in a difference sequence in the Pelicans. You gotta use a multimeter to figure which wire goes where.’’

I never read the OP. What was the initial problem?

The initial problem was my pelican would randomly stop working due to it no longer getting power, I assumed it was a short in the cord and it was.

My pelican converter kept turning on and off when you moved the cord. I followed the steps above and replaced the 6 inch usb cord with a 10 foot one now everything works great. Thanks.

<a href=“” title=“101_1679 by ostateblackguy, on Flickr”><img src=“” width=“500” height=“375” alt=“101_1679”></a>[IMG]<a href=“” title=“101_1679 by ostateblackguy, on Flickr”><img src=“” width=“500” height=“375” alt=“101_1679”></a>
101_1679 by ostateblackguy, on Flickr

No problem man i’m glad my post could be of some assistance :)(formerly DarthTrey)