Pelican adapters lagging even on sdtv


can all of you guys who are using these lag free tell me how you have your ps3 set up? i can’t seem to make 3s playable. i have two adapters, and they both lag noticeably while playing sf:ac. ive tested a bunch of sticks… two t5 sticks, 2 sanwa sticks with ps1 pcbs, a mas with a p360, and a custom happ comp stick with what i assume is a dual shock pcb. i try switching the modes from analog to digital, it does nothing. if this is a common thing, people need to speak up. all i hear is: the pelican adapter has no lag, blah blah blah. mine do, and logic dictates that others will as well, if not all of them.


You hear the no lag claims because most of us (including myself) have not experienced lag of any kind.

I’ve tested on both a 480i SDTV JVC I-Art (Component) and a 720p/1080i Samsung HDTV DLP (HDMI) and have not experienced any lag, especially with the DLP, since if I recall correctly are notorious for lag.

My tests were done with a HRAP1 and a custom Dual Shock 1 PCB.

Tested with 3S, KOFXI, Kinnikuman MG Max, DR, and MK2.


Nope. Logic dictates that something is lagging, but since you haven’t tried any adapters that don’t result in lag, and there is suspiciously no mention of any other games tested with the adapter, you haven’t reduced the possibilities to the adapter. One adapter that does work without lag would narrow the possibilities to the adapter. One game that does with without lag with the pelican would rule out the adapter. Testing the adapter on a PC and experiencing no lag would also rule out the adapter.

Stick with a digital sticks (ps1 digital, no dual shocks of any kind yet) and come back when you’ve tested more.


not to be presumptuous, but are you sure you’re just not noticing it? from what i hear, if you play bc games on a hdtv, the ps3 upscales to 720p. horribly. so if you were to play 3s or any ps2 game on an hdtv, there would be lag regardless of the adapter to begin with. i might be wrong there, so correct me if i am. i have brought these to peoples houses to play and everybody has agreed with me on the lag. we pretty much play exclusively at arcades, so we would sense the lag more than most people. i think the odds of getting two, at different stores, out of the tens of thousands that were produced, with the same issue, are astronomically improbable.

edit: tested on pc=lag, tested with tekken:dr=lag, i don’t see how the software can lag on sdtv, so your post seems kind of silly. and, like i posted first, i have tested with t5 sticks which are digital, and most of the custom sticks have digital pcbs.

edit edit: also, using the sixaxxis controller does not produce lag. i’m not an idiot, i understand empirical deduction. it’s the adapters.


i dunno about bc games. but vf5 and DR work like a dream.

i remember hearing that bc games lag thru hdmi, regardless. i cant really comment cuz i havent tried bc but then again, this is about SDTV so its moot point heh. but ps3 games, pelican converter works extremely well. and this comes from a person that fucking HATES converters


Seriously… there is no lag for T5DR, do you think it might be your controls?

I’ve tested it on all kinds of TVs and have not yet once experienced lag.


I don’t know about you guys but all my Clark combos work fine in XI.

Same goes for any quickshift cancels. :wonder:

And if you haven’t figured it out by now, my PS3 is JP, so that’s why I can play the aforementioned BC games.


sounds like typical HDTV lag to me


There shouldn’t be lag. I’ve tested it on several games with several controllers, including BC games.

One of the workers at Pelican (DreamTR above) even frequents the boards and knows for a fact that there is no lag. If it is indeed a problem with the converters, you might have faulty converters.

Also, make sure that you have them on the correct setting (Normal NOT GH2). I’m not saying you’re an idiot, but sometimes it happens.



they are just fucked, then. i’ll return em and get new ones. it’s not hdtv lag, cuz its not an hdtv. its not an analog pcb problem, cuz i’m not using analog pcbs. i could just be terribly unlucky, stranger things have happened lol.


My buddies are playing on T5DR on my PS3 right now. One is using my HRAP3 and the other is using my HRAP2 with the Pelican adapter. Both play arcade. They are switching back and forth to see if there is any lag. Amazing, they are saying the HRAP2 with Pelican responds better than the HRAP3. I’ve played 3’s with the HRAP2 and adapter with no problems.


I only play T5DR with mine so I’m not sure how the Pelicans work with other games. But mine has been working great for me.


yo lyle i don’t know if you’ve upgraded your firmware to the most current but i guess you can try that. i don’t know if that really makes a difference but there was problems before the bc graphics looking really shitty.

i also am using my ps3 on an sdtv in my room and i can pretty much do any combo you see me do at seth’s. (not that they are really complex ass combos) but i don’t see the lag with what i’m using.

maybe next time i’ll bring my ps3 to seth’s with my stick and we can compare.

i do notice though how much better the pelican’s are compared to the lag i was seeing with elecom 101 adapters as slight as that was.

but yeah sucks man.


wow you guys play at seth’s? i still haven’t had time to come out and play. i need to though.

back to topic. i was playing with 3’s and it was fine. also tried cvs2 and it was also running fine with the hrap2 and pelican. makes me want to sell my moded hrap3 for another hrap2 and pelican.