Pelican Converter Malfunctioning

I’ve never owned one of these before. I just picked up the pelican ps2 to ps3 converter from ebay for my namco sticks. Unfortunately, it disconnects ever 15-20 seconds and stops responding. I have to unplug and reconnect it manually every time. It’s completely unusable.

Has anyone else had this problem? I already contacted the seller for a refund (I just have to cover return shipping) but I’m hoping maybe there’s something I can do to fix it myself.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

do you have a slim? how many controllers are plugged in? wot kind of device are your plugging in?

slims have very little power via usb, or your device is using a lot of power that the ps3 cant supply

and there is always the, the adapter is just plain old

I have a similar, albeit less intense problem (in my case it’s a fiddling fight with the adapter to make it still and operational). I guess… I hope it’s related to the USB cable itself, which some people who can fix cables in general can fix.

It’s a slim, but it’s only one controller. It has the same problem on computers.

When something has too little power, usually it doesn’t work immediately. This takes a variable short amount of time and then dies

its either the usb cables solder points or fit a soft thing in the middle where the black round hard glue is

so its still. it happened to me and this fixed it.

Yeah? Any tips for opening it up to check? I’d like to look but I don’t want to mangle it in case I have to ship it back

I have this same problem with mine.

Is there no solution to this problem q_q?