Pelican converter with pc?

I’m thinking of getting a pelican ps3 converter but would like to use it on the pc with my ps2 pad. The reason is that I will probably get a ps3 at some point and figure if this thing works flawlessly on pc too might as well. I use a logitech rumblepad 2 for the pc right now, which is pretty close to a ps2 pad, but the buttons often feel unresponsive and slow. Plus, the thing weighs 3 times as much as a ps2 pad which gets annoying. I was wondering if anyone’s had experience with the converter on pc and if everything works perfectly in regular pc games(non-emulation)?

Thanks ahead of time

The converter works fine for me, with both Dual shock 1 joysticks for mame and with ps2 controllers in Final Fantasy XI for windows. So yeah, it works great for me.

Which Dual Shock 1? The old ones or the new ones that came about with the new redesigned PS1?

The Pelican adapter does work on PC. I tried it out with mame32k and it just picked it up like any other joystick. However, from the (admittedly limited) testing I did, it seemed to pick up all inputs just fine, but I definitely felt like there were a 2-3 frames of response lag.

If anyone reads this and doesn’t already know, it works flawlessly with the PS3.

EDIT: Please ignore my previous statement. I was wrong. The Pelican works perfectly on PC.
(full explanation here)

Does the rumble get translated with pc games as well? I’m really curious about how it performs in normal pc games like tomb raider legend. I.e. no problems with analog control etc… Can you adjust the dead zone with this converter? I read some mixed reports on input lag, what kind of system and OS do you have deadfrog?

I tested: mame32k with XVSF and SFA3, using both a DualShock 2 series H pad and a HRAP2, under Windows XP on a computer that is more than capable of handling the program. You’re probably hearing mixed reports because it doesn’t lag very much. (Better than with the Sector 7 adapter from RadioShack.) But I promise you it’s there with what I used.

EDIT: Please ignore my previous statement. I was wrong. The Pelican works perfectly on PC.
(full explanation here)

I’m pretty sure it rumbles with FFXI, I’ll have to double check. I’m using multiple types of DS1 controllers.

I got the converter. Using it with my PC, with my HRAP2 plugged in to it. So far, no noticeable lag or dropped inputs. At least not like with the RadioShack converters.

Compare SFA3 on PS2 (Alpha Anthology) to SFA3 on PC (MAME) with turbo on for Square (jab). It’s noticeably less fluid/even/rapid/consistent/good.

EDIT: Please ignore my previous statement. I was wrong. The Pelican works perfectly on PC.
(full explanation here)

My experience has been fairly positive. I’ll not dispute that there’s lag there, because there likely is, but it’s minimal. I bought mine primarily for shmups and it gets by.

However, one glaring issue I have noticed is that it seems to have issues with rapid button presses. For every 20 rapid button presses it feels like around 15-16 of them actually get through. Of course I have no way to legitimately test that, but it has been a problem from time to time.

So, in short: it’s a lot better than I expected for a Pelican product, but it’s certainly not perfect.

I think many people are forgetting that the Pelican converter was specifically designed with the PS3 in mind, so any problems with the PC is w/e.

This cannot be emphasized enough. There is no overstating just how perfectly it works for the PS3. It’s not just the best out there, it is PERFECT.

It also works on the PC with the Tekken 5 pcb.