Pelican PS2/PS3 Controller Adapter - $4.99!

The best converter out there on PS3. Allows you to play not only your PS3 games but your PS2/PS1 games as well using PS2/PS1 controllers/arcade sticks.

This is obviously a pricing error as it retails for $14.99, but who knows B&N/GameStop may honor it…


I have a short review up on

Thanks for the heads up. I got it for $8.64 with shipping. What a steal!

I found out about that over the weekend and the 3 I bought arrived today; they’re the real deal and they’re slick. Grab it before they change.

Damn. I had to pick up a third one with that sweat deal. Unfortunately, I just received two from EBGames in the mail today; I paid $41.00 with over night shipping. I wish that I would’ve know about this earlier…

just grabbed me 3 of them. bought 2 of em at ebgames at full price monday. oh well…

find the receipt, and take two of the new ones ‘back’ saying you never opened or needed them.

good shit these things ae lag free tooo…yeah boy

Damn, thanks for the heads up. I just ordered 2 of them.


someone should order like 100 of these and go sell them outside gamestop for 13.99

how come it looks kind of different?

I’m guessing its an outdated pic.

THe pic on that page is wrong. If anyone doubts, I’ll post up pics of the Pelicans I received.

Hah, that’s wicked. I’ll bet they correct it within the week so anyone interested should get on top of this right away like your mom on wangs. I’m pretty sure they will honour it. Word is bond!

Quick tip for impatient Canadians (in case you miss out on the 4.99 awesomeness)
EB stores won’t get 'em in until June 4th, and they won’t get more than a few per location. They will be 19.99 apiece, plus taxes. I don’t think any other retailers will carry them.
Even with our butt-ass exchange rate and the unbelievably atrocious shipping, ordering a pair from the US EB website will only cost $3 more than getting them in-store, and you’ll get them in a week.

damn i just got 6

The fulfillment of the Barnes & Noble adapters is from Gamestop (EB). While you can score Air Miles via yourshops, the shipping to Canada is 49.99 USD (I ended up abandoning my cart). That’s crazy. And it’s UPS, which means they will bleed you on brokerage charges and service charges on the fees (even though they own the brokerage house – LAME!) I hope someone else in the US starts selling these adapters.


Great minds think alike… I ordered the same amount.

Not saying you’re a great mind or anything… just saying I ordered the same amount. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

I want six to :frowning:

But two will do for now…

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just ordered 2

Hey, maybe this is a dumb question, but will this work for ps1 dual shock --> usb?? I wouldn’t mind getting a decent converter for my pc.