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Sup everyone, I’ve had these two items in my dresser for a while…and never use them. I understand how rare these two items are, and how crazy this makes hardcore gamers when they cannot find it. I’m taking offers (reasonable ones at that) for both of these items. PLEASE EMAIL ME AT I have a great eBay reputation so shipping out of my state (FL) shouldn’t be a problem. Here are pictures of the two items I"m speaking of:

I prefer you email me…

$50 for both! Next hour only before I get banned XD

you have to post prices for your items

Edit: i see your a new member so you obviously didnt read the rules pertaining to this subforum.

The rules: NEW Up to Date Rules: Updated April 18th 2011

to even sell, you must be a member for 6 months and have 50 posts.

Those rules are insane. And I’m taking OFFERS for the items I have listed. I guess email me if you’re interested guys, I don’t have six months to wait to post something I need gone by this week. BTW: For a Mod, you really need to check your grammar. And in the future, welcome your new members so they WANT to stay with this forum instead of giving a first impression that you’re a complete douche. Thanks! XD

EDIT: I did read the rules. I think they’re unreasonable. /end

this isnt your house, so you dont make the rules. dont like the rules, then dont post here.

Also, mr grammar nazi, i dont moderate in this forum, otherwise your thread would have been deleted & your account banned. FYI.

So then…stop Trolling?

You double posted BTW.

Edit: I bet you’re calling the correct Mod on his cell phone right now to sign in and Ban me. Why would anyone want to join a Forum with Mods that are rude and Troll?