Pelican Real Arcade Universal + Converters?

hey guys
what’s the deal with the pelican real arcade universal and converters? why is it any different than using a ps2 controller? is it a power thing? has anyone got one of these babies working on saturn or dreamcast? i have adapters from lik-sang (for megadrive also), but none work with the stick, but they all work fine for dual shock controllers.


you cant hook adapters up to a universal pelican, the reason being its not a “console” pcb, dc-psx converters or w/e only work if the starting controller is for a particular console

I just bought this stick at my local gamestop and the stock parts that are in there are horrible…but overall the construction of the stick is good. I replaced the stick with a Japanese Sanwa stick and took out 2 of the buttons closes to the stick and plugged them. The other 6 buttons I swapped out with Happ Competition buttons. I must say that this stick is worth the money if you have the extra parts laying around. Voice communication works great on XBL and no noticeable lag when playing SFAC online.

no convertors for this stick? is it possible to add a DC pcb as well as the original pcb?

Nope…its universal for GC, XBox and ps2

You can try adding a DC PCB but it may conflict with the other stuff thats in there.

it does conflict i have already tried it and the only adapter that works with this stick is the super joybox 10 xbox to pc

Shadowhaxor, it’s rather easy. Here is what I did.

1st I took out the old joystick and disconnected the wires. Make a diagram of which wires go to which directional microswitch that way you know where to attach them on the sanwa. DON’T THROW AWAY THE SCREW’S THAT HELD THE ORIGINAL JOYSTICK IN THERE.

2nd. Take apart the Sanwa stick by removing the octagon(or square)plate. Remove the circuit board and set it aside.

3rd. Take upper part of the sanwa stick align it with the hole on the joystick box. Do this from the INSIDE, not the outsite. Make sure its centered and just hold it in place or have someone hold it in place. There are 2 holes on top and bottom you can use for mounting the stick. Take any wood screw(has a sharp end, made for drilling through wood) and make a small hole to mark the spot to drill through. Do the same for the other end.

4th. Once you make your marks start screwing the wood screws in but stop once you see the sharp point start to poke through the top of the control panel. Take the screws out from the bottom and start screwing them in from the top of the panel. you should see 2 small pinholes …use those as guides. The reason you wanna do this is because if you drill all the way through from the bottom you run the risk of pulling up the black finish of the control panel. By doing it this way you are pressing it DOWN into the panel and not AWAY from the panel. Drill the screws all the way in and then remove them completely. You should have 2 holes now.

5th. Take a nail clipper and trim the excess black control panel trim that may be sticking out from the screw holes.

6th. Take 2 the original screw bolts that held the original joystick and screw them into those 2 holes you just made. It’s going to be VERY tight but the wood is soft enough so they should screw right in nice and snug.

7th. Mount the main part of the Sanwa stick…it should fit right onto those 2 screw bolts. Take the nuts that came with those scew bolts and tighten down the sawna stick.

8th. You may or may not want to strip the wires for the Up down left and right microswitches but I did because there was hardly any exposed wire to solder too. Soldering to a Sanwa stick is EASY!!! You only need to solder ONE ground because the ciruit board already daisy chains them together for you. What makes it easy is that you solder to the microswitch and NOT to the board itself. Easiest way to solder onto the switches is to:

A: Get a fat bead of solder and plop it onto the microswitch…do this for all of them…make sure you do this for the function sides, NOT THE GROUND SIDES.

B. Take another fat bead of solder and hold the exposed wired against the dry bead on the switch…then just sandwich the wire between the hot solder and the dry solder…EASY AS PIE!!!

This whole process took me 30 mins because I was watching TV and eating…so you should be able to do it in 20 mins.

As for the remaining holes from the previous stick…you can either leave them or fill them with some kind of sealant…I plan on using JB Weld since it’s black and dries fast. Or you can get some more of those black screws and just put them in there. Personally I don’t like screw heads rubbing on my hands when I play. What’s great about this mod is that the Sanwa fits nice and firmly with just 2 bolt screws and the screw heads arent even noticeable during gameplay!

Here are the pics!

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4(Competition Buttons with Stock Pelican Switches)

mine doesnt work for some reason, the fucking green light wont change red also.

wtf pelican, you know anyway i can probably solder something to fix it? cause im not in the mood to pay to send this shit for a replacement, ill only do it if i know for sure i cant fix it.

Your best bet is to wait til after X-mas and take it back to Gamestop and tell them you got it as a gift and it’s defective. Tell them you called Pelican and they told you to take it back to the store and swap it for another. If they give you a hassle about the missing box just tell them that they can keep their box and just swap out the stick and defect it out. They get the credit for it and you get a new stick.

thats a good idea, i just got to hope the guy who sold it to me wont be there.

My post is now edited with pics for you guys to see :karate:

nice, so if i were to put in comp buttons with the stock pelican switches, will i be able to remove the buttons if a need to switch the switches arrives?

You mean swap out the actual switches themselves??

You could but you would have to pop the wires off of the pelican black switches and them strip the wires and put quick disconnects on them…you would also have to do this each of the grounds and daisy chain them together.

I didn’t do it because the stock black pelican switches worked fine and they mount up perfectly to competition buttons. Just be careful when you are installing the new buttons because there isn’t much slack on the wires that are soldered to the switches. One bad pull and they will pop off which means you have to either resolder it or make a quick disconnect for it. Just take your time and it will be a breeze.

all you have to do is put the quick connects on them you dont have to daisy chain anything
i have already done it to my universal stick

You are better off replacing those shitty microswitches. They will not last long and and before you know it you will be popping that sucker open again. Just buy some authentic microswitches from Game Doc and install them. The original parts are only worth about 20,000 button presses when the authentic switches can last for over one million or more.

has anyone gotten a p360 to work with this pcb yet

Not Yet…but I am sure it wouldnt be that hard.

I found an old Asciiware PS1 joystick and I liked how short the bat style stick was so I took it apart and tested to see if it fit my modded Sanwa Pelican stick and VOILA! It fit PERFECTLY!! Now I have a shorter throw and an even better grip on the stick!

Check it out!

Pelican Stick Mod w/Sanwa Stick - New Ascii Short Throw Bat Style

Nice, I just put switches in mine also. 100% better

As for the voice comm not working–I think half of them don’t. I just exchanged mine for another that did work and no problems now

How did you install your stick?? Did you use 2 screbolts or did you do it another way?

I left the stick as is–I guess cuz I wouldn’t know a better one if I played it.

I replaced the microswitches because they didn’t have a hard enough return. Overall they had a “sticky” feeling.