Pelican Real Arcade Universal MC Cthulhu + Imp + Madcatz 360 Triple PCB upgrade

I recently purchased another Pelican Real Arcade Universal after I performed a dual PCB mod to my previous Pelican Real Arcade Universal. I thought all Pelican Universal were the same, I was WRONG! There are at least 2 versions of the Pelican Universal, my first one was a “mini” version and it has common ground PCB, but the 2nd one I bought is a “full size” version with non-common ground PCB, so the effort required to make it dual PCB was daunting if not impossible.

I also recently modded my Madcatz 360 TE stick using Toodles MC Cthulhu + Imp, and I liked how well it turned out, so I decided to upgrade my Pelican Real Arcade Universal using the same MC Cthulhu + Imp + Madcatz 360 PCB but re-use the existing Pelican Universal’s Triple Header Cable (xbox, PS2 and GameCube/Wii)

So this is how the real arcade looked like before I modded it:

Top View:

Front View: (It has a cable storage compartment, looks like Pelican had this thing long before TE)

MC Cthulhu and Imp fully assembled from Kits:

Wiring of Triple Header Cable to MC Cthulhu:

Wiring of MC Cthulhu + IMP:

All wired up before closing of the bottom plate:

Headset connector for Xbox Live:

Final Top View:

View of the triple header cable:

View of the Xbox to USB adapter for use with PC/PS3 and Xbox 360:

reserved 1


8 Happ competition buttons
1 Sanwa JLW with circular gate
1 MC Cthulhu
1 Imp
1 Madcatz 360 PCB

Existing Pelican Universal Triple Header Cable.

So to play PS2/PS1:
just use existing PS2 Header

to play GameCube/Wii games:
plug the existing GameCube Header

to play Xbox games:
plug the existing Xbox header and hold joystick to left to activate MC’s Xbox controller emulation

to play Xbox360 games:
plug the Xbox to USB connector to the xbox header then plug the USB side to Xbox360 while holding down the “Guide” button to activate Madcatz 360 PCB from Imp

to Play PS3/PC games:
plug the xbox to USB connector to the xbox header then plug the USB side to PS3

So now my Pelican Real Arcade Universal is again “UNIVERSAL” with 1 cable and which can play PC/PS3/PS2/PS1/GameCube/Wii/Xbox and Xbox 360 console.

Thanks to toodles for his Imp and MC Cthulhu. Those 2 boards really make life easier to achieve universal theme with 1 stick.

What no SNES or Dreamcast support? :wow:

Very impressive work to get so many systems working with just one stick.

My pelican real arcade pro doesn’t have the that cable compartment.

Should I just remove the PCB and repace it with a ctuhlu and dual PCB with a 360?

You might be lucky. If you have the mini one, check out my site. The mini version has a common ground PCB already, so all you need is to add a Madcatz PCB to it. I have a complete tutorial here:!/Joystick_Mods/Entries/2009/3/17_Pelican_Real_Arcade_Universal_360_Add_On.html

If your PCB does not look like the one I have photographed let me know.

i’ll check when i get home, what does the IMP board do?

This mod awesome, simply awesome.

Imp is an electronic version of a toggle switch. So instead of an ugly toggle switch sticking out from the side of the box, you can use any one of the existing buttons (in this case the guide/home button) to switch between PS3 or Xbox 360.

This Imp board was develop by Toodles and you can buy it from him along with his awesome Mult-Console (MC) Cthulhu board.

Awesome Tutorial! :pray:

I’m curious about the Xbox1 connnection. Does the cthulhu automatically recognize this as the USB cable for PS3/360 so you wouldn’t need to solder a USB cable to the board? The instructable says to avoid soldering an Xbox cable if you can avoid it especially if you already have a USB cable coming out since xbox1 uses a USB cable as well, just an odd connector. I’m assuming since the USB cable can be used to plug into an xbox1 with a converter, then the converse must be true that an xbox cable can also be plugged into a PS3/360 with the appropriate converter. I just want to clarify and make sure I understand correctly.

Yes, what you said is correct. Xbox1 is USB with funny connector. I am using the Xbox cable with an adapter when I plug in either my Xbox360 or PS3.

COOL! Thanks for the info and thanks again for this spectacular tutorial! I’m working on securing a lot of pelican universal sticks so I can use that triple cable on a few MC Cthuhlu setups. CHEERS! :rock:

Why did you use a MC Cthulhu when a normale one would do exactly the same?

The PS3/PC Cthulhu wouldn’t have support for the Gamecube or PS1/PS2 connections.

So he didn’t use the stock PCB for that?

thats a very nice looking mod faux, and a tidy oldschool looking stick >3 i like the idea of the cable compartment.

Hey faux, I was trying to add the triple header cable to the MC Cthulhu and ran into some problems. That wiring diagram you did for bomberman’s thread when dual modding an SE with an IMP. Does it matter or affect the GC/PSX/Xbox functionality at all if u put 360 in the D+1/D-1 slots versus having the cthulhu as the primary pcb? Would it be possible for you to make a wiring diagram like the one you did in bomberman’s tutorial, but having this one include the wires for GC/PSX/Xbox1? Ionno if that might be tedious and too much trouble, thanks again for this worklog

EDiT: Maybe a brand new wiring diagram including GC/Xbox?PSX wouldn’t be a very good use of time, what I really need to know is where did you put the IMP VCC wire onto the Cthluhu with the entire V column occupied with GC/PSX/Xbox?

I’m also trying to use a Cthulhu in a pelican case (already replcaed the stick and buttons with real happ stuff).
I’m not trying to do a 360 mod,
I was trying to get one system working at a time, and started with ps2. Using the 1 row on your wiring diagram doesn’t seem to work.

Is there any chance someone has a diagram of the triple header cable?

(I’m not sure, but I don’t think white is a playstation vcc line).

Sweet stick, I have this stick collecting dust and about to mod it for the PS3.

I was curious what is the button size? Do you know a good site to get the buttons and new joystiq?

Hey, I did the same thing, sort of! I didn’t think to use an Xbox to USB adapter to utilize the thing on PS3 though, I just have the USB cable coming out of the former Xbox memory card slot.

Fantastic case for modding though. I’m planning on doing some further work, and getting some Neo Geo and Atari cables wired in.