Pelican Real Arcade Universal w/ Happ Competition parts for sale

Hi everyone,

I’ve got an unfinished project for sale. It’s a Pelican Real Arcade Universal joystick – all buttons were swapped with Happ parts with all Cherry switches, and the joystick is an American bat-style Happ Controls Competition joystick.

Here’s the catch: it needs a PCB. The one that’s in there has some issues. When I got the stick, someone had cut off all but the PS2 connectors, and I discovered that the PCB that comes with these Universal joysticks will not work with most PS2-to-USB converters for PC… so it’s useless to me (I don’t have a PS2 to test it on). What you see is what you get.

$50 OBO. Shipping will be $12 inside the US. Paypal only. Thanks for looking.