Pelican Real Arcade Universal

Hey guys. Just wondering if anyone here has a Pelican Real Arcade Universal? I have one, and in modding it, all the wires were ripped off our of the plugs and off of the circuit bored. All of the wires/board(s) are still perfectly intact, I just need to know if can take a picture of the circuits and how they connect for me, so maybe i can reconnect them appropriately. This would be a giant help if anybody could do this for me. Otherwise, I will probably have to buy a Cthulhu and Imp board.

Also, if anyone was wondering, the Pelican Real Arcade Universal is drop-in compatible with Happ/iL parts. I dropped in 9 White Happ Buttons, 1 Red, and 1 Blue (8 main buttons, 1 red start, 1 white select, 1 blue “mode” button) in the spirit of the old SF cabinets. Also dropped in a white iL stick. Looks pretty nice.