Pelican's Clever Joystick Technology


I call it the “hide the dpad” approach:




KoF stick had similar approach.



Reminds me of those ghetto “sticks” that you put over the arrow keys on your keyboard.



i remember those


lol, win :D.


I had something similar for a NES controller - you slid it into the base of the joystick, and the stick itself sat over the dpad. There were two buttons as well that sat over a and b.


Yenno, I have one of these and I told my friend it sucked and it feels like a stick attached to a D-Pad. Didnt know I was correct. Lol. Thats why Im a proud owner of 2 custom sticks a FS3 and a T5 stick. Cause that one was so horrible haha!


I had some rubber g-string looking one that came free with Playstation Power magazine back in the day


lol thats horibble