Pembroke Mall GS May 1st Tournament


The last ESTABLISHED tournament at the Pembroke Mall Gamestop. Virginia Beach, VA

IT WILL BE SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4. I will be providing my own systems, like the last time.

Saturday, May 1st. Registration will begin around 1:30 PM, with the tournament starting at 3:00 PM

Rules on match number/ whether it will be double/single elim will depend on entrant number

99 seconds, No banned characters, no banned stages(Although if someone wants to not play on Volcanic Rim, that’s cool)

First prize is yet to be announced, but it most likely will be a 20$ gift card (We ARE under new management, however, and the new manager used to do 1$ per person prize, so please come out as it may increase the pot)

We should have 3 setups like last time, and I believe we’ve found a fix for the PS3’s bad resolution

It will once again be in the Food Court of the Pembroke Mall

I hope to see you all there!


Pembroke Mall! Never forget Spaceport…or that indoor golf place with Ehrgeiz and Crypt Killer. Or the movie theater that used to have Street Fighter 1.

I’ll try to make it. Doesn’t seem like any other events are going on that day. I got a PS3 with everything unlocked that I could bring. I’ll keep you updated.

After the tourney we can hit up Fuddruckers or Columbus for Puzzle Fighter, X-Men vs Street Fighter, Time Crisis 3, and Soul Calibur 1.



Another note: I probably will be bringing in my own system(s) to help, so most everything should be ready by Saturday. That’d still only be 2-3 systems, so if you can bring one in, it’s still appreciated.


If MrFeatureMatch and I come, you’ll have 2 more systems. (mine doesnt have seth unlocked though)


That’ll be fine if you do, I doubt everyone’ll be using Akuma/Seth, so we probably won’t need all systems to have everyone unlocked.

I’m just worried about the number of people who’re gonna show up. I was hoping for a little more time to get the word out, but I guess that problem’ll be fixed come next time.


I just found out that we’ll have 3 360 setups, and one PS3. I’m bringing my own Savefile for the PS3 and one 360, so we would just need 2 360 savefiles.


decided to unlock seth on my ps3 so thats that…you owe me one


Fuddruckers after party?


i havent been to fuddruckers since i was maybe…7? hosw the food?


Large, and depending on how busy they are, worth the wait for the most part.

Ask for a to-go box in advance, you’ll need it.


Tournament tomorrow, just to say…


ill be there probably with the cub. i can help you run brackets if you like


That’d be much appreciated. I’m hoping to do a double elim without too many issues. It’d be a lot easier if I had a computer to take with me, but hopefully I can draw something up real quick.


ill b e there sounds fun =)


I got you. I’ll bring my netbook that i used to run the GNT tourney

I want to get some matches in with you


I will be there to body vince… thank you…


thanks? you’re wierd dsinnie


5 on Vince.

PS: I’m going to try to record some matches and definitely grand finals just because I can.


From a camera or something? because these TVs won’t really have other inout for a capture device.

Also, my boss and I had a slight misunderstanding, so the setups may be either 2 360s/2PS3s, or 2 360s/1PS3 instead of what was previously mentioned. We have it worked out next time, it was just an issue with one of the 360 consoles we were supposed to be getting. Doesn’t really change anything, but just letting ya know.


im bringing an xbox with the game and a ps3 with no game (i let a coworker borrow my copy of sf4 in return for god of war 3) someone bring their copy of the game?