Penalty's for quitting should be implemented?

I stuck this in the general Ultra section cause I guess people can do it on xbox or ps3 too by turning off their consoles but i’m mainly referring to PC.

It’s way too frustrating when i’m playing ranked and trying to build up that PP (I know it doesn’t really mean much but its nice to set yourself goals and at a certain point it can show the difference between a decent player and a great player).

Easily over 6 or 7 times last night I had people quit out on me before the game ended and I didn’t get the points I deserved for whooping their butts. Then when I come across people that beat me and I stay in the game I loose points so overall I just end up going down because the ones I should have gotten I didn’t, its quite frustrating.

Can’t there be some kind of penatly system for people that shut the game half way through a ranked match like, they loose points or something? because half the reason people do it is cause they are scared of loosing points, a couple of people were even doing it that were like, 900pp and I just thought “what is the point”. I feel like it might be more prominent on PC cause you don’t have the shut the whole system down, just alt+F4 and reload.

It’s not even so much about the points it just feels like i’m wasting my own time after so many, I know i’m still playing the game but if i’m playing ranked for a reason and if i’m not getting points I’d rather run sets with people in endless which would give better practise.

I’m sure everyone’s got to agree to a certain extent right?

it is probably the win - loss ratio that is more important to them.
You’re losing points too if you alt-f4 during a game. Or do they disable the modem or plug out the lan cable? In that case points arent reduced?

Who cares about the win loss ratio on street fighter though, does that include just ranked play or endless too? There are always gonna be better people than you out there and that goes for everyone so take the loss like a man and learn from it I say.

I don’t think you end up loosing them cause one of my mates quit out of a rediculously laggy ranked match yesterday to join my endless and he still had the same amount of points as before. I may test that out tonight and see if you’re right and just altf4 as soon as the match starts to see if I loose any points, if I do then my thread is invalid I guess. Even so it’s a proper arsy thing to do

I known for 360 if they rage quit in the middle of a match they lose pts

Just re-read my ideas on this topic from ~4 years ago (referring to MvC3 at the time) and I still support the idea of a “Ragequit Hell”. See also: Actual Ragequit Hell

About the best counter-argument to come out of that discussion was that since people are paying for something like XBL just cutting them off without some compensation is kind of a shitty thing to do. At this point I would say that as long as it’s clearly spelled out in the EULA that there will be a code of conduct of some sort being actively enforced that that argument can take a hike.

In general I don’t care about the points specifically for one match I care more about never playing the person who quit again. I also stopped checking people’s disconnect rates before matches because I realized that it was affecting how I played; i.e. “sigh This asshole has a 13% disconnect rate. Why even bother?”.

I agree with your last point, playing on steam I have started to search the people that I have played and proceed to block them, I’m not sure if it stops you playing them or not? I hope so.

Ragequit hell is a funny yet great idea

I believe that there already is a system implemented? (Atleast for pc)
If you alt-F4, Quit or even during the time Steam was being a pain in the butt and disconnected you. you’d lose the maximum amount of points (128 pp)

Correct me if I’m wrong though

Yeah, its true that you lose points. But I think what people really want is that the offending rage quitter have their head shuved in dog crap and then have them sodomized. But being that is economically unfeasible, I think it’d be better just to keep the current system but award points to the “winner” anyway. As far as a blacklist for rage quitters goes that seems entirely unnecessary. If the matchmaking was better and your points actually meant something then you would never see these people again after a few quits anyway. And new players with no points would play them, experience the same quits, and be put into an area where they never have to see them either. Worst case scenario people purposefully lose points to match up with weaker players, and that already used to happen anyway. Personally, I’d like an ingame “forfeit” button that would give your opponent the win.

Quitality from MKX is something to look into.

Leaver gets loss, you get your win.
Same as when people forfeit in any other game or sport.
Dunno what Capcoms train of thought is with their system and I don’t want to say it wrong, but it’s wrong.

I can’t say I completely like the system they’ve made for these kind of situations but it isn’t entirely bad either…
The person that quits for whatever reason has their points deducted in the maximum way possible, that right there is a good deterrent.

On one hand you can’t expect them to issue you points for the quit of another player without a valid K.O. but on the other hand the player who didn’t quit feels bad because he was msot likely winning the match but didn’t get a reward.

So far I’ve experienced a fair bit of quits, I just laugh at the opponent for losing 128 points and gotten under their skin so bad that they flipped a table.

But that’s the point of a rage quit, they wouldn’t quit if they were winning. So I think handing the player who didn’t quit some sort of points would be a good thing.

You should get special prizes/medals/trophies having someone ragequit on you. Heck, I’d love to be rewarded for making people ragequit.

Like a golden happy face sticker next to your handle? I’m in.

just remove the pp/bp point system while keeping the letter ranking up and all rage quit/lag switch cheating will cease.
problem solved.
been saying that the point system needed to go for years.

Very much doubt it. I tend to play a fairly conservative lame style and no amount of pp/bp penalties is going to keep people from quitting against me followed by “do SOMTHng faggortz!!!” type messages. I’d rather there just be a system where I will never get matched up with that person again.

I thought about this before. What would be the best way to punish a player that leaves before a match is over?
There is one PC game in particular that i think has a excellent system that deals with quitters.

Counter Strike : Global offensive

If a player quits a matchmaking-rank-ranked-match that player won’t be able to play ranked again for another 30 minutes.
The system also has what one would call a built-in memory so it keeps track of repeated ragequits.
If it happens more than a couple of times , the player will eventually get a 1 week cooldown.

it goes from like 30 mins > 1 hour > 1 day > 2 days > 1 week

This is by far the best way to deal with the whole thing imo. As i can tell you first hand that it scares people and makes them not want to quit.
Console devs should take note from PC games such as CS:GO

I can’t speak for the PS4, though you guys may wish to give this a once-over:

The short version is that Valve is permitting developer driven bans specific to their titles in Steam.

A platform specific banning system for SF5 is unlikely to be taken advantage of however given the cross-platform nature of SF5, though this is an interesting concept nonetheless.

However, much more interesting is this:

Which suggests that outside of each platform’s base network system (PSN/Steam), there is likely to be an overlying stats system players authenticate to in order to play matches. This will likely retain global player stats (among other things) that will hopefully be web accessible outside of both the PSN and Steam (and hopefully support JSON queries). This could also perhaps be a central location to handle bans, suspensions, player behaviour ratings and so on that would cover both platforms.

If Capcom do NOT have a system like this in place (or planned) for SF5, my mind would officially be blown as it would be a HUGE oversight if their claims to make SF5 a modern competitive title carries any serious weight.

Are you familiar with the league of legends term ELO hell? Simply put, just because the measurement of your suck is obscured doesn’t mean it isn’t measured. Keeping any sort of system indicating a personal scale or public ranking would be looked at the same in the eyes of the player. And if we kept the current grading system then it would just function through invisible points. How about instead we just have one point measurement rather then two, have it only be visible from a rankings screen, and have the grading system be separate and always visible, determined by its own invisible points system. Taking that one step further they could remove ranking down farther then the grade below your current one. So lets say you worked your way up to B, you will never move below C. Got to A? Never move below B. And on top of that my previous forfeit button suggestion, people are going to rage quit anyway, might as well let them do it and still award the semi visible ranked points and their invisible grade points to the “winner”, and the “loser” gets to go on his way.

Glad someone already made a thread about this. Was up all night trying to gain points. Finally got to my nerves. About 6 times people quit on me and I know they intentionally did because they were all games where I dominated them in the first round. I would stun them in the first 10 seconds, and win with a perfect or near perfect and when the screen goes blank for the 2nd round they quit. I wanted to find them just to do it to them again and either they would rage quit again or just kick me. A few times they would do well and win the first round and low and behold they wouldn’t quit. So pissed off at this.

Yeah. I kinda noticed there is a penalty if you quit which is that you loose points which I didn’t know but thats not enough insentive for someone to not want to quit because they are going to loose points anyway if they loose so they just do it out of spite of you not gaining your points.