Pending FS: Custom Arcade Stick

This post is mostly to find a way to gauge interest in my custom arcade stick I may part with. I made it earlier this year to play some Guilty Gear, and have since then had it collecting dust on my desk. Checking mostly to see if it would be worth it to sell in order to get some cash for the building of a custom Beatmania controller instead.

The controller is an Agetec Dreamcast case, the green goblin, and has since been modded to house a Sanwa JLF with a square gate, 6 Seimitsu PS-14 30mm buttons for the main 6 buttons, and also added 2 Seimitsu 24mm buttons to the side for start and select. The whole thing is project boxed, and currently will include one box for PS2. The wiring inside the box is a little messy, but can easily be cleaned up and does not affect gameplay whatsoever.

I am posting this without a price, but in order to finish the project I put in about 80 to 90 dollars, and am really impressed with the joystick, it puts most of the ones around the dorms to shame, despite its lack of painting yet. I will try to upload pictures later tonight, if I can get my camera to work correctly. Feel free to PM or post in this thread if you are interested, and what you think would be a fair price.

Here are some pictures, taken with my cell phone, so sorry if quality is low, if any other pictures are wanted, just PM or post here.

that’s nice stick!

your the buttons same my stick!!

This thing’s outfitted for the PS2, you said?

The controller is project boxed using a HD-15 cable from the controller to a project box containing a PS2 controller. This works out much better in my opinion, as I can easily convert my controller into any console, and I was contemplating making one for Xbox 360 if they were to release the new Street Fighter for it.

And yeah, the Seimitsu buttons are really nice. I got the white with clear plungers to put artwork under the buttons, but could never decide on a theme for the stick, was leaning towards some Zappa artwork I made. My friend made his arcade stick at the same time, and while the Seimitsu buttons are a little heavier than his Sanwas, the feedback on Seimitsus easily makes up for it in my opinion.

Sorry if this is kind of nooby but what exactly are project boxes?

They’re little plastic boxes you buy at radioshack to put things in. In SRK world they’re seen as means to have one stick work with as many consoles possible. The idea is that you would hook up the buttons and joystick to a DB port(either male or female). Then when you make the project box you would hook up the pad to another DB port(depends on which you used for the stick). Whenever you decide to play different games you just bring the appropriate project box with you.


You should edit the title of this thread to say Modded stick. its a bit confusing to people because its not a custom. Just my .002 :slight_smile:

You have to post a price. It’s in the trading forum rules.