Penguin United Eagle Eye PS3 Converter


So there is this converter keyboard > ps3 callad Eagle Eye by Penguin United. Did anyone here buy it so far? I’m a keyboard user and I’d really like to play on consoles if I had the tool. They say it’s delay free, but you can never trust, can you? So I would like to know your thoughts. Have anyone here buy it? How was it? Is it 0 frame? Thank you for your time.


I looked into it a long time ago, i almost got one but only if i won one on ebay for a good price. never happened. I cant remember but the xim? or something similar to that was way better but it came with a bigger pricetag. At the time when i was looking at the eagle eye they were still waiting for the developer to release a update of some sort to address some issues and it seemed he hadnt replied for a really long time so thats another reason i didnt bother looking anymore. Decided to go back to my roots and play more fighters.
Make sure you check their forums and see what users are saying about it.