Penguine av animated please


Can some make this with a snowy background and the rest could be up to you in what would make it look good. Just want the penguin ^^ ty:woot: Just throw my name in there a bit shiny


Bump! please look at it its awsome!!


Bump PleasE??


Begging Please make this av some one!


sorry for the delay. i’ll make this one. i’ll try to have something up by tonight.

.[not so ninja edit].

i haven’t made a non-prem av in forever. it felt kinda weird.

unfortunately, it’s kinda simple. oh well.


Yo dude even though its simple it still looks bawlin. Thanks alot yo I didnt check this thread in a while since i thought no one would reply. Thanks str[e]ak your the fucking man yo! :woot:


haha, i didn’t think you were going to see it.

glad you like it, though. :cool:


Thanks again man. You saved my life O_O. Thought i was never gonna see this penguin av but man…thanks! ~Tears of joy!!~