Penn and Teller Bullshit: Peta



holy fuck

if I could rep you’d have hella rep

I fucking can’t stand preachy peta bitches.

And the ELA destroyed the home of a man who ran a foie gras farm. totally owned the house and far. Oh they killed the ducks too. not to mention the fact that beforehand they sent him threatening video tapes of like his kids being watched and shit.

On a side note.
I can’t fucking stand stupid white people sometimes. GO outside your fucking suburb and see the real world. Or better yet, grow up in a third wrold country. where eating and working isn’t a given. We’ll see if you grow up vegan. Fucking idiots.

I got into a fight with a peta person once. I was at a club with mad people and I happened to be at a bar and there was this chick I was talking to. I was like yeah blah blah blah I’m a chef blah blah blah food is awesome. and someone from her group pops out and starts shit with me. out of nowhere lol