Penny Arcade Expo 2009 (Sept 4th - 6th)


They are going to have an SF4 tournament this year, anyone planning on going?


I’ll probably be there.


Ordering my passes sometime next week. I definitley ain’t missing this show. Any idea what day and time the SF4 tourny is?


Pre-Orderd the 3-day pass a while back. Been going since 2k5. Anyone wants to chill at my pad in LQA during that weekend ( I got Fri-Sun off) my gf will be in the San Juans camping with her friends so we’ll have the entire place (2 HD setups, all consoles) to play some fighters.

Get at me.


l’ll be going for sure. PAX is so much fun!!


Sorry for the noob ass question, but what is the main draw of PAXz?


video games… concerts…
tons of people…

Its a blast, I just work at the anime convention instead of PAX… I wish I wasnt so loyal…


Where did you see that there is a SF4 tournament? I didn’t see anything at the website for the expo.


Front page, sir.


Why do they have Halo 3? Do people still play that?


I’m sure that same question could be asked about every game older than three years…


CS 1.6 is still the most widely played game in the world and it’s 10 years old… 3 years ain’t nothin. :slight_smile:

I’m going to this, I know a majority of the “Enforcers” that typically work the event, I was an Enforcer for years 1 & 2, then helped out year 3 for fun.

Going to be SICK! I’ll be putting in my PTO forms after Evo.


i’ll be going.


I still need to go to any Con of sorts, so I hope to attend this.


It’s funny how games people don’t enjoy are considered irrelevant. How old is ST and Marvel?

Anyway I go every year and will probably enter. See you all there.


I’m probably gonna go. My friend works the event and she’s been buggin me to visit her there.


How do we become an enforcer?

Pablo: most games that are coming out in fall will be playable there. For me it’s halo 3 ODST, Bioshock 2 and assassins creed 2. Also , most of the devolopers of all the great games are there.
Lots of tourney’s, contests, speakers on various topics. Cosplay. All sorts of cool stuff.

For me it’s geek heaven !


Talk to that man Rob. He holds the power of Grey Skull when it comes to the PAX Tournaments.

Rob, if you read this I am down to help run tournaments again this year on a few days.


Are you saying I don’t like Halo 3? I think Call of Duty or something else would be more relevant.


It’s all about what will get more entrants when you run these tournaments… COD4 was good but the player base is shrinking while Halo’s will stay the same or even grow until the next one. You can ask Rob how pathetic the turnout for Hot FPS X is every PAX.

Edit: Also if it’s not obvious Halo has always been a “pro” competitive game (like CS, Starcraft, etc.) even if people think that’s gross. Asking why Halo 3 is being held is like asking why Korea is playing Starcraft instead of whatever random RTS is out today.